Post-natal present

What do you get for giving birth? We had often joked about this before I was pregnant. I asked Kim – some have diamonds, some have LV bags, what will you give me for giving birth? (since mine was a difficult pregnancy; I should have a “bigger” pressie?! :P). haha.. of course the biggest reward is our little Ethen. BUT it never hurt for a little gift giving, right? 🙂


My hubby decided to be really sweet and bought me the latest phone in town – IPHONE 3Gs – for a fairly good deal! 🙂 But honestly, for a self confessed technology-dummy, I am not sure who is enjoying the phone more now… 😛


Nonetheless, it is a really cool gadget (especially after our friend “prisonbreak” it!). You will probably see me more on fb, msn now! 🙂


iphone 3gs

1 month plus

I am happy to announce that Xi En’s weight is now 2.18kg. It is definitely a great improvement from his birth weight of 1.27kg! He is looking much chubbier, rosier and cutier. 🙂

Xi En waves hullo

The doctors have started him on bottle feeding every alternate feeds for 5 minutes. Thus he is learning how to coordinate breathing and drinking at the same time now. This might come naturally for a full term baby but for a premature baby; this act of sucking and breathing requires much effort and energy. Rightfully, at 36 weeks, he should still be in my womb, relying on the placenta for nutrients. But he is doing his best now, prematurely learning the art of feeding. 🙂

In the midst of feeding and post feeding, Xi En’s SpO2 level often cycles up and down. Kim and I will stare hard at the monitoring machine like a hawk; encouraging and reminding Xi En to breathe and breathe.

Due to his fluctuating SpO2 level, Xi En also had a lung x-ray done to rule out any abnormalities in the lungs. We are getting the results later and “prayerfully”, all will be well. 🙂 Stay tuned for more updates on this little fighter’s journey. 🙂

xray machine


Updates on Xi En:

The main issue now is his oxygen saturation level (SpO2). The level was fluctuating a fair bit. Thus, Xi En had been given a blood transfusion last Sunday and also a maximum dosage of caffeine. The doctors have also done a series of blood tests and concluded that he didn’t show any signs of infection and his haemoglobin level is healthy after the blood transfusion. (PTL! :)) Doctors are saying that the condition is still probably due to his prematurity.


Yesterday, his weight stands at 1.82kg and he is tolerating the feeds well. Right now, we are praying his SpO2 level will continue to stabilise so that he can start learning how to bottle feed. At which, once Xi En can coordinate drinking milk on his own + breathing properly, he will be on his way home very soon. 🙂

Please continue to pray that Xi En’s oxygen saturation level will stabilise (that he won’t require any more blood transfusion nor breathing assistance); he will continue to gain weight and have no signs of infection.

We know that many uncles and aunties can’t wait to see and cuddle him. Thus featuring more pictures of him while we wait. 🙂


Xi En's little hand being tapped down due to iv drip

Xi En's little hand being tapped down due to iv drip


Xi En drinking milk 2

Xi En drinking milk 2


Daddy carrying xi en

Daddy carrying Xi En