Claude Dambreville
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Welcome to the Official Website of Claude Dambreville, one of the most captivating and authentic representatives of the Haitian Painting.

Claude Dambreville, an internationally recognized master, made his first steps in painting in the very popular "Centre d?Art" of Haiti created by Dewitt Peters.

Present in a lot of exhibitions in Europe and America, this seasoned performer, whose universality is remarkable, has created a unique style that has gained widespread acceptance in the Caribbean Painting.

Claude Dambreville is one of the few artists to have been able to recreate with surprising accuracy the particular atmosphere of swarming vendors and buyers of a Haitian market. The attitudes of his gracious woomen are so well observed and realized they are surprisingly real.

Where does the stunning success of this prodigious artist come from? Why art lovers everywhere want to have a "Dambreville" hanged on their walls at the best location? Because this master possesses such an original and endearing style, that its cause in all who come near his works deep feelings of admiration, intense emotion, and soothing serenity.

A painting signed "Dambreville" is a fascinating work that moves at the same time the eye, the brain, and the heart. A painting signed "Dambreville" is a piece of value worthy of the finest collections in the world, such as those of the Mitterand family, of Pierre Cardin, and Denzel Washington.

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