5 things I will do differently in 2015

“Auntie! Auntie!”

I heard a voice, a distance away; behind me, as I was walking quickly towards the lift.

I ignored the voice. That voice seemed to come from a teenager-of-sorts or an army boy.

Of course, I ignored it.

The only “Auntie”  I response to come from little children of my own kids’ age group.

The childish and innocent voices. “Auntieeee……” ; so cute lah!

Of course, I will stop my tracks to help a young little one.

“Auntie! Auntie! Xcuse me, Auntie!” the voice loomed nearer.

I walked a little faster (maybe too deliberately).

Wrong move, THE VOICE chased up with me.

I had to stop my pace unwillingly, turned around and quizzed at THE VOICE.

It turned out to be as I have expected : a teen boy who is probably 18 to 19 years old.

“Auntie ah, xcuse me ah, where is Blk 5?”

“I am not telling you.” haha!; his face is a concoction of panic and puzzlement; unsure of what he did wrongly.

“I am not telling you because you called me Auntie.” I retorted; looking annoyed but more teasingly.

“It’s over there, little boy. Next time try using Miss when you need help” I stopped myself from pointing to a different block! 😛

“Oh…sorrie sorrie ah, Thank you.”


That was my story. I hit past mid 30s this 2015.

Time and tide waits for no man. Wrinkles and eye bags wait impatiently for all (most) women. They come in waves; oh so subtly sometimes. At least that’s true for me!

Admittedly I have aged; matured and it’s perhaps time to live my life a little different from past years.

So I purposed myself to join this blog train hosted by a fellow Mommy blogger – Rachel – to list down 5 (or 15) things that I will do differently in 2015. I couldn’t list 15 ‘cos I am not sure if I can keep to even 5!!

I seldom do New Year Resolutions. Simply because it never worked for me! The husband said it’s no discipline. I choose to think of myself as free-spirited; spontaneous! 😀

But here are 5 little things I will commit to doing differently this year in a bid for some form of improvements in my life.

1) Exercise

Commit to exercising at least once a week.  This is A LOT coming from one who don her short shoes possibly only once a year? Truly not ambitious in this area; but now that I said it – I will endeavour to do it. 😀

First step to “un-auntify” myself. Some say the glow from exercising makes you look and feel younger too!

Just to share – there are a few places providing FREE mass lessons in open areas if you are keen to try out a new sports/activity (such as badminton, yoga, zumba etc) for yourself or your children. One of them is the not-so-new Sports Hub. Check their website for more details.


2) Healthier Eating habits

Most friends who know me well know that I can almost be bribed with (good) food. But with age catching up and metabolism losing steam, I am trying to be more selective; i.e. less processed, less salt, less oil, more vegetables, fruits. Actually eating less food will work in my case. haha..

As I am still managing medication for hyperthyroidism since the 2nd pregnancy, it is a gentle reminder that health is wealthier than wealth. So yes, if you must treat me, bring me healthier food options ya. 😛

3) Spiritual Food

After becoming a Mummy, my permanent place in church is the nursery room. It is all so good that the church caters to us, Mummies’ needs, and provide a live telecast so we can catch bits and pieces of the service while we chase after the toddler/s. But it is still so different when you can bask in whole praise/worship and etc. Then again, it doesn’t help that I am one who finds it hard to let go. Truth to be told, I just don’t trust anyone with my boys. They have to have only Mummy around with them. My mind would be travelling a thousand miles to the nursery room even if I get to sit in the main service.

But I know I have been far for a while. So, I will do it a little different this 2015. Read a different translation of the Bible, rely less on my own strength (and more of God’s) and remember my first love.

4) Slow to speak, quick to listen

Now’s what that? My long-time friends will know me as a sharp shooter, in words. But over the years, I have mellowed down (seriously yes!). Nevertheless, sometimes I still shoot myself for saying something totally wrong or sensitive without putting my pea-sized brain to work. It can be in the form of digital/print or verbal words. Often, it became more tedious trying to take the words back and mend the relationships or change the image that was being portrayed. The intent can be benign but the outcome deemed as malicious if the words and actions came out totally wrong.

This 2015, I will bite my tongue tighter and grow my ears that longer to listen well.

“Therefore, my dear brothers, let every person be quick to listen but slow to speak, slow to get angry;” James 1:19

5) Dating the husband

Last but not the least! I list it as the last of the 5 things because some might just scroll down to the bottom of the blog post to get the whole story without reading the body! hahaaa..

After 2 children, the couple dates are getting rarer if any to start with. I wrote this blog post on my sons’ future girlfriends and the husband always remind me that when the boys are all grown up, he will be the one still walking next to me! The hint is loud and clear. I better sow the seeds now!

And so my dear husband, this is for you. Let’s date more.. at least once a month? 😛

Jus the 2 of us

There goes my simple fiver list for 2015. Do you hope to do something differently in 2015 as well? Journey with the rest of the mommy bloggers in this blog train for some inspiration!

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Felicia Tan

A homeschooling mama of two. She aspires to nourish the heart, mind body and soul of her family. “The world is our school” is her mantra so be it a stroll to the market nearby or a vacation to Europe, she encourages curiosity and inquiry from her children. Her passion for cooking and healthy living drives her to churn out nutritious but easy-to-prepare meals so you can expect to see some healthy recipes on her blog. She also shares her parenting thoughts and learning activities as she goes about her journey and discovery as a homeschooling mama of Princess and The Rock.

All I Rail-ly Want For Christmas @ City Square Mall

Toy Trains –  every boys’ favourite (almost)

Real Trains – my boys’ favourite transportation mode (if Xi En has a choice; he wants to go everywhere on a train!)

Semi-real trains – the next best thing to real trains! Roll in the Chuggington Trainees!

We were invited to the Chuggington Winter Snow Party show held at City Square Mall from 14th Nov to 28th Dec 2014. This promises to be an exciting line-up of live performances, an outdoor carnival and SNOW!

The boys enjoyed the live show with the Chuggington Trainees – Wilson, Brewster and KoKo – and Lorie and Morgan. A great tie-in during the show is the “Green” theme which City Square Mall is known for (an eco-friendly mall). Audience was taught by Lorie and Morgan about recycling correctly as the show progressed.

Meet & Greet with photo opportunities are available at 2pm, 7pm (weekdays except Monday) and 1pm,4pm, 7pm (weekends). More details can be found on City Square Mall website.

The crowd went wild with “snow” falling down during part of the segment. If you are sitting near the “snow machine”, wear a hat or get ready to wear a foamy hat! 😀

Besides the live show and Meet & Greet session, you can look out for the carnival held at the entrance of the mall as well as a Choo-Choo Train ride experience. There is a Christmas Light show and Snow Playtime (8pm & 9pm Daily) if you didn’t get enough of snow! Tickets are on sale nearby if your children fancy a bounce on the bouncy castle or a ride on the Choo Choo City Express ($6 per ride per child).

The activities are endless here! Do come by early to spend $200 (or $250 if inclusive of NTUC Fairprice receipts) and redeem an exclusive Chuggington cushion (3 different ones to collect). If your child is a big fan of the Chuggers, you can’t miss that.

In the spirit of Christmas, do your little bit for charity as well. There is a drop off point for old clothes and gifts at the Salvation Army Christmas Charity Station booth (at B1 Fountain Square). Or donate your excess food at FoodBank (located beside L2 Customer Service Counter).  More details here.

Thanks to the media invite, we had good fun on that weekend evening. In fact, we didn’t had enough and headed back on a weekday for more shopping!

Nugget Tips:

1) Try going on a weekday instead of weekend if you can. The crowd is more manageable. Take advantage of the FREE Lunch Time Parking (12pm to 2pm for the first 1.5 hours on a weekday). You can also redeem a free parking coupon worth $3 with $60 spent.

2) If you are going for the Choo Choo City Express, buy the tickets first and get some family members to wait around as it can be a long queue during weekend peak hours.

3) Bring along extra clothing if your child intend to be soak under the “snow”. 🙂

Have fun everyone! And have yourself a MERRIEST CHRISTMAS!

BlueTree Education Learning Centre

We spent the beginning of the school holidays dancing, singing, leaping and crafting at a new learning centre – BlueTree Education. This is the brainchild of a fellow SMB Mommy – Elizabeth. Though we barely met in person, she kindly extended an invite for Xi En to attend the “5 Days of Christmas” Special Speech & Drama + Craft & Tell Christmas Programme.

All I can say is – I am thankful for her invite and the 2 other lovely teachers (Mabel and Diana) for their patience, creativity and generosity towards the little ones.

This isn’t your usual run-of-the-mill enrichment programmes but one which aim to bring out creativity in young children with a focus on speech/drama and craft. The theme is nicely tied in with the upcoming Christmas Holiday and we met many characters over the 5-day programme. There is Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph the Reindeer, The Little Christmas Elf, The Littlest Christmas Tree and of course Santa Claus!

Here’s what happened at the newly opened Balmoral Plaza centre:

Teacher Mabel and Elizabeth start with animated story telling about the character of the day coupled with encouraging the children to imagine and imitate the characters/scenes/actions.

We had them freezing, rolling (Roly-poly), hammering, sewing, pretending to grow from littlest to tallest trees and lots more!

I liked it that the “dramatic” part is enhanced by little 3D simple crafts. From just 2 pieces of cut-paper, you can assemble a 3D Christmas tree and/or a snowman!

After a quick snack time, the children joined Teacher Diana in her Craft and Tell segment. Here she taught them lovely crafts which reinforced the theme for the day. For a non-crafting Mommy, this is simply amazing! I am lousy with making intricate handicraft and mostly at a loss of how to plan crafting. So this is just so great that someone else planned all that! 🙂

Diana is really nifty with her hands and prepared well ahead of the lessons. She is also an excellent face painter!

My favourite has got to be the making of the snow globes! There is just something mesmerizing about the “falling snow” .

Besides crafting, Diana also planned a short segment about “telling”. Sharing with the children stories behind the craft-of-the-day and even enacting a short act with them!

Last but not least, the children had a BIG treat on the last day with a special visit from Santa – the “old man” himself!! Ho Ho Ho!!!

Thank you BlueTree Education for an entertaining and enriching program! You had Xi En in a withdrawal mode when it all ended! He kept asking what happened to his Bluetree “lessons”! Well done teachers! 🙂

BlueTree has a variety of regular and special programmes tailored for pre-primary and primary schoolers. Established by ex-MOE teachers, they are passionate about educating, teaching and learning. Their curriculum endeavours to bring out creative and critical thinking in children above academic excellence.

For more details on BlueTree Education Learning Centre, do visit their website here. The above special Christmas program had ended but do check out another creative Primary 1 Prep Workshop which is happening next week!

For the regular programmes, do let BlueTree know where you heard about them to enjoy a special discount off the usual price. 🙂


N.B: We were kindly invited for a media preview of BlueTree Education Learning Centre’s special Christmas program. No further compensation was received. All opinions and photos are writer’s own. Oh – we did take home the craft works and they are proudly displayed if you come by my place. 🙂