CNY 2011

Chinese New Year is almost over and hence I better post this before it comes belated!

This year’s CNY is more enjoyable than last year as Xi En is more mobile and can run all over the place on his own. His sleeping pattern had also reduced to 1 nap per day; thus giving us more time outside. Smile 

We had reunion dinner at my uncle’s new cluster house – as usual with many relatives. Xi En being the youngest received the most attention. Smile 


My uncle’s house was full of CNY decos – I like! Festive feel! Smile 

cny 1


The many happy relatives:

cny 2


Xi En and one of his uncles (my cousin!) – Jie Xin. Xi En is the only 4th generation for now. Smile 

cny 3


My youngest bro and his girlfriend (my future SIL! heee… Smile)

cny 4


Trying to distract Xi En into taking a photo is always challenging!

cny 5


The dinner was super sumptuous but I didn’t managed to snap a photo! This is the Lo Hei – the plates formation is just simply brilliant! Not sure who came up with the idea?

cny 6


All together now! Smile HUAT AH!

cny 7


This year is also extra special as Xi En gets to spend time with my in-laws. This is the first time in many years that my in-laws are in Singapore for CNY.


The pretty lo hei prepared by my SIL:

cny 11


Xi En, as usual, pushing stools all around:

cny 12


Realised that we don’t have many group family photos with my in-laws and family. Must take more next time! Smile 




Till next year! Smile 

cny 13