Our story in Motherhood Magazine – Dec 2010 Issue

During our long drawn moments at the hospital 1+ year back, while our little boy was yet unborn, Kim and I kept encouraging ourselves that Xi En will be A Miracle and he will live to tell the story. It was pretty much what kept us going day by day, hour by hour, min by min, sec by sec. Of course, being totally human, in our darkest moments, we had fear the worst before.


However, God proved to be real and so real in our lives. Our little boy was born miraculously and survived his birth journey for us to share his story with Melissa Especkerman, a writer for Motherhood Magazine.


Melissa read my pregnancy story on this blog and wrote the following article. This is probably a good summary of my pregnancy-cum-birth story till date. One of Xi En earlier photos in the incubator was featured too. Certainly hope that this article will go a long way to bring HOPE to others in similar situations. 🙂

Happy reading. 🙂




N.B  – This article was first published in Dec 2010 Motherhood Magazine. All credits due to Motherhood Magazine.

And he walk and he walk and he walk!

Xi En finally started walking independently! Although he is still a little wobbly, he is doing very well! 🙂

He kind of just gained enough confidence and balance and started pacing around the house a few days back!


He is very happy with his new-found freedom too! 🙂 🙂



At the beach


Few weeks back, we brought Xi En to the beach to experience the sun, sea and sand. I had this fun picture in my mind – he will be chasing the waves and making sand castles. Errmm… but that is quite far from the truth! Xi En was actually quite scared of the waves and needed some coaxing to put his feet onto the sand/sea water. And he didn’t like the sand either!


Photos below to tell the story:



His breakfast: First foray into the “sinful” fast food – Macdonald’s!

hotcakes happy meal


  Playing with his food seemed more fun than eating them.


hotcakes 2




hotcakes 3


 Beautiful weather. But Xi En was very wary of the oncoming waves and the feel of sand around his toes. Ah ma tried edging him forward to the waves.

beach 1



Mummy tried as well….

beach 2 



Daddy too:


beach 9



But Xi En kept running away from the waves!

beach 3



Ok.. never mind.. Ah ma to the rescue:

beach 5


 Let’s try making some sandcastles instead. Yet to buy any proper beach tools – so Ah ma brought along some disposables. 😛

beach 7



Not too keen to play with the sand either … with the waves too near for comfort! haaa….

beach 8


 In less than 20 mins, we ended the sun, sea, sand expedition when Xi En started attempting to taste the sand on his hands!

beach 12


 Ending with some family shots instead:


beach 11



beach 10


Till Xi En grows older, we will try the sun, sea, sand again! 🙂