Is he ok?

That is the question I had been asked ever since Ethen came home. Well… I will always say “yes” – he is ok. 🙂

He looks perfectly normal and behaves just like a new born baby; fussing for milk when he is hungry, crying when he wants his diapers changed and whining when he wants a cuddle.

When Ethen was born, his primary diagnoses are one A4 page long. He had almost every imaginable problems a preemie could have. Thank God when he was discharged, the remaining existing conditions went down to 1/3 A4 page. 🙂 However, he is still battling with a few issues – e.g, a small hole in the heart and grade 1 IVH. – just to name a few. He is also on vitamins, iron and protein on every other feeds.

vitamins n etc

extra goodies with milk!


Ethen also has a long list of follow up appointments with KKH doctors – from the dietician to the ear doctor to the eye doctor to the physiotherapist to the heart doctor to the neonatologist – the list goes on…. Basically he will be officially“discharged” only when he is 8 years old according to KKH’s policy for preemies with VLBW (very low birth weight).

So – is he ok? Yes – ok to be home with us. 🙂 He just need extra TLC and time to grow out of his remaining issues. 🙂



I am 3.9kg and 52cm now! 🙂




Fish bones in my Filet-O-Fish!


No kidding! I bit into fish bones in my filet-o-fish!

2 days back, I was enjoying my favourite burger from Macdonald’s and lo and behold I fished out 2 small bones when I was half way through! Thank God I didn’t choke on them. But how dangerous if a young child is to eat this filet instead!

As a preventive measure, I decided to call the branch which I bought the meal from. The deputy manager was apologetic and promised an investigation with the supplier. Hopefully this is just a once off….but parents beware the next time you buy a filet for your child!


fish bones