I play favourites

They say love is multiplied not divided. I totally agree.

When I was pregnant with Number 2, I did have doubt if I would love him as much as the love I have for my first-born. But all is crystal clear when he arrived.

He is my favourite. My favourite 2nd son. 🙂

Xi En, the big brother remains my favourite first-born. He holds a special place in my heart.

Eizac, the little brother resides in my heart like no other child could.

A little ironic huh? But it’s so true as I recalled a visiting pastor sharing about his 6 or 8 children. All of them are his favourites.

And so I play favourite to both my sons. They are both my favourites. 😀


Today, 30th January 2015, marks Eizac’s 2nd birthday! His 1st Birthday was a non-event partly because it happened to be the eve of Chinese New Year. A galore of his growing-up photos here for those who are interested.

This year, here’s a short letter to him and little nuggets to share and remember eons later:

“Dear Baby,

We need to change that. You are baby no more. You are a little boy now. And you know it. You point to yourself and said with all gusto; “No baby; Boy!”. And nodded your head with a grin.

I love that look of yours. That innocence. But it is slowly changing as you approached TWO; some say it’s terrible TWOs; but I think the terrible or terrific happen throughout childhood. Let’s just pray you keep that untainted personality for a while longer.


Just like your brother, we prefer to call you by your Chinese name, Kai En. But somehow, you responded to “Eizac” more readily. Later on, you said you are “Zig-zac”. And so zig-zac you became. Thankfully you still walk in a straight line though.

Zac-zac (another affectionate name we called you), you have a natural boyish love for cars, trains, motorcycles, vans, tractors, wagons and anything automotive. The first 3 syllabus word you learnt is “Ac-ci-dent”. Yes, when all your toy vehicles collide, there is an accident. It’s a happy accident most of the time because your fire engine/police car always come to the rescue; no cau. 😛


Your first long sentence was “Mummy, where are you!!!!”. That happened when Mummy was too sound asleep at night and ignored your constant crying. She woke up with a startle because that was a full sentence you uttered!

You can be totally lost in your cartoon shows just like any other children. Your favourites are Dora The Explorer, Diego and Bubble Gubbies. You probably knew Dora and Boots names before you know your ABC. And your amusing imitation of Swiper the fox, is hilarious. “Oh man” you said with all gusto!

Your biggest hero isn’t Daddy (he’s a little broken-heated but I will take care of that). Your shining knight in armor is your big Kor Kor. The first word you spoke is “Kor Kor”. You said you love Kor Kor and no one else. Though Kor Kor isn’t quite used to being the big brother, we are working on that. Then again, you didn’t care less, you just want to hold your brother’s hand and follow his footsteps.

Baby (you will always remain so in my heart), you win Mummy’s heart (and almost everyone’s else) with your dejected look whenever something is taken away from you. You made it so hard to say No. Especially when you ask for your “meh meh” (Read: MILK) umpteen times in the middle of the night.

My darling, Mummy’s heart skipped a few beats whenever you scaled the long slides and steps at the playground. You have no fear of heights just like your brother. Great, Mummy will be carrying your bags and taking photos when you boys take the roller coaster next time. Just don’t drag me up. Seriously.

Eizac 1

Zacy, you are a joy we celebrate; a playmate (fight mate sometimes) to your brother and a completion to our family! We love you as our favourite and pray you continue to grow up healthily and wisely!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Eizac!”