Ambulance to the rescue

WheeWheeWheeWhee!!!! That was the ambulance which brought me to the hospital last fateful Sunday. Due to a freak accident at home, I suffered a severe back sprain and couldn’t move an inch. Kim had to call 995 as there was no way to get me out of the house to see a doctor. Just when I thought we had enough of hospitals…

Thank God, after an x-ray, the emergency room (ER) doctor said that it was a very bad lower back muscle sprain/spasm. After an injection and resting for a while, I was discharged.

After watching so many shows on ERs, ambulances dashing down roads sounding their sirens and doctors/nurses rushing to receive patients in an ER and etc etc, it is never as real experiencing it yourself.

It was indeed a really “thrilling” yet trying experience. However, once is enough. 🙂


God, bless me with a stronger and healthier body.. please. 


I am surprised when Kim showed me these photos after the ordeal.. Surprised that he managed to take a few pictures in the midst of the chaos! haa… 😀



The ambulance which took me to the hospital




ER 1

Medics to the rescue!



ER 2

Emergency Treatment Room