Kid’s Day Out at The Grandstand

Media Invite

We were invited to The Grandstand (previously known as The Turf City) Kid’s Day Out during the June school holidays; co-organised by Openrice.

I was happy to spend a day out with my eldest boy doing all the activities he enjoys!

First up:

1) Kiddy Fun

This is a fairly new company set up by several young parents to allow play, fun and convenience to families; especially those with younger kids and babies.



Xi En enjoys indoor playgrounds a lot but he’s at an in-between age now. Not old enough to climb the tall structures on his own and yet no longer “baby” to just play with foam items. Kiddy Fun was very enjoyable for him because he could climb onto all the play structures on his own! An immensely fun time for him:




I like this indoor playground for it’s kind considerations for parents and young children alike.

The play system is installed with safety in mind. No sharp corners; dedicated areas for the babies. All soft; foam-protected and “bouncy”.

Soft EVA building blocks for the kids to stack up using their imagination:


“water-pool”: very suitable for toddlers. Xi En loved it too:


There is an area dedicated to babies under 18 months. Here, babes can practice their new found walking/climbing/running/jumping skills:


For the parents, there is a rest area just next to the playground where you can keep an eye on the children, rest, have a drink and catch up with fellow parents. I think this is so important!

This is also were birthday parties can be held! A mini-library is available here as well with magazines for the adults and kiddy books for children (though I don’t know any children who might wanna read in an indoor playground!)


Personally, I feel that it’s a great place to entertain young kids especially those 5 years and below. Will be back when we visit The Grandstand again!

More information of their opening hours and charges are available on their website.

2) Art Grain

Art Grain has a passionate philosophy in “providing quality art education for all students to gain mastery in art making, to nurture their creative potential and to cultivate a community of artists & art lovers.”

And true to their objectives, they run art classes for 3 years old to adults and even cover corporate art events. Besides this newly open branch at The Grandstand, they also have another branch at Thomson Ridge.

We meet a young teacher – Jo – who gave Xi En a quick 20 mins art lesson to understand the theory of mixing white to blue to achieve gradual color changes from dark to darkest; light to lightest. He painted a blue dinosaur!


Thankful, Teacher Jo managed to capture his attention for that short span of time before he started fidgeting in his seat.

Contrast to Mummy Winnie’s girl who is a Picasso-in-training! I am so impressed with her pride in her artwork.

The most fun part of the art class for Xi En: Using the hairdryer to blow-dry the art pieces. For the records, he started tracing where the power plug is and was going to attempt to switch it off and on and examine whether it’s a 2 pins or 3 pins plug… all before Mummy stared hard with a disapproving “NO”. Boys…….Or rather my boy…. @_@


And finally we have the end product. Teacher Jo got his to name his bluish dino and he came up with 2 words (don’t ask me why…)


As it’s a really short session at Art Grain, we probably cannot fully appreciate it’s structured program. But one thing for sure, it’s a place where the little bubs can learn art while the parents hang out downstairs for a coffee! I like that thought! There is a galore of June and July activities/classes to choose from right now. Do check out their website for more information. 

3) My Kid’s Spa

After all the engaging activities, it’s time for some relaxation. We went to My Kid’s Spa for a taste of their children massage and foot spa.

Xi En loves massage as he’s so used to the Chinese TCM (Tui Na). This place actually offers a hands-on class for parents who might learn how to do infant massage and it’s conducted by a paediatrician!


Some other kids getting a foot spa:


And space for birthday parties or for children to hang around after/before massages:


More information on their services and packages on their website here.

4) YogaBugs

As the name of the place suggests, it’s a Yoga place just for the kiddos! How smart is that? Personally, I think kids these days have lots of businesses catering to them.

YogaBugs originated from UK and was set up in Singapore to cater to the stressful urbanised society. Classes here are targeted at children of walking age to 12 years old. Parents’ participation are required for the little ones below 3 years old.

Xi En had a taste of a sample lesson and it was .. entertaining. The teacher is entertaining and engages the children well by using imagination of things which the kids can relate to: eg. pretending to be a monkey, snake, leopard, plane, row a boat and etc.


Balancing on one leg does need some concentration:


Rocking side to side as a class takes some coordination and team work:


It was an interesting introductory class to Yoga for the little buds. Besides classes, they offer birthday packages too! More information on their website here.


5) Piccolo House

Our last stop before lunch was at this interior boutique shop. It’s a niche place selling concept furnishing and accessorizes for children. Here you can find special themed furniture which stands out as uniquely designed and manufactured.

Check out photos below and their website for more design concepts.







Overall, It was great to see so many shops and activities which caters to children at The Grandstand. A recommended place for families to hang out and spend a morning or afternoon! Besides the above places we were invited to, there are many others which are worth checking out too. Furthermore, car parking is free! Feel free to spend the whole day there (if your kids do not need any afternoon naps!).

Thank you to the above businesses and Openrice for their hospitality!