My Acupuncture Experience

Because of my freak accident, I suffered a very bad strain on my lower back. Western medicine only consist of painkillers which isn’t a long term solution in my opinion. As such, I decided to try out Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Decided to go for acupuncture as recommended by my aunt. Admittedly, I was rather nervous about during my first acupuncture experience. The thought of having needles going through my flesh… hmm.. not exactly fun,huh? Many told me, it is just like an “ant bite”. I was wondering, how does an ant bite feel? I haven’t been bitten by an ant before; saved those red fiery ants’ which are really painful! I certainly hope it isn’t like an “ant bite”!


Conclusion, the physician was rather professional/quick and the needles were “poked” through my pain within minutes. What I didn’t know is that she wanted to add on electric current to the needles! So, there I laid on the treatment bed, with several needles and electric current flowing through them! You bet, I didn’t dare to move an inch till the whole treatment is over!


Nevertheless, the results proved to be satisfactory, I have since went back for 2 more sessions of acupuncture. Accordingly to the physician, the injured area can never be back to its previous form; but it is at least 90% there. 🙂 Try acupuncture if you do have some sprains/chronic pain. It works and trust me – it is just like an “ant bite”! 😛







Ambulance to the rescue

WheeWheeWheeWhee!!!! That was the ambulance which brought me to the hospital last fateful Sunday. Due to a freak accident at home, I suffered a severe back sprain and couldn’t move an inch. Kim had to call 995 as there was no way to get me out of the house to see a doctor. Just when I thought we had enough of hospitals…

Thank God, after an x-ray, the emergency room (ER) doctor said that it was a very bad lower back muscle sprain/spasm. After an injection and resting for a while, I was discharged.

After watching so many shows on ERs, ambulances dashing down roads sounding their sirens and doctors/nurses rushing to receive patients in an ER and etc etc, it is never as real experiencing it yourself.

It was indeed a really “thrilling” yet trying experience. However, once is enough. 🙂


God, bless me with a stronger and healthier body.. please. 


I am surprised when Kim showed me these photos after the ordeal.. Surprised that he managed to take a few pictures in the midst of the chaos! haa… 😀



The ambulance which took me to the hospital




ER 1

Medics to the rescue!



ER 2

Emergency Treatment Room