Xi En’s 2nd birthday celebrations

Xi En turned 2 on 31st July 2011.

He’s such a big boy now. Compared to his 1st birthday celebration, he is more aware of the celebration and that it’s a fun occasion where he receives presents and sing birthday songs. Smile 

This year we did small scale family celebrations as Xi En was just discharged from the hospital 2 weeks back. We had 2 days of gathering at home and Xi En loved it! Smile 

That’s his birthday cake. He loves Mickey (calls him Mi-Mi); so we got him one such cake from Bengawan Solo. They have lovely Disney Characters cakes:


He loved the birthday song and clapped along with it:


Cutting the cake by himself is not a mean feat anymore! Smile 


Loves receiving gifts and opening them (no holding back!)


Goes “wah!!!!!” whenever he opened one gift. Expression = priceless!

Loved all the gifts from Ye Ye, Ma Ma, Gu Ma/Jiong, Gong Gong, Po Po, Xiao Jiu, MQ Jie Jie!




He has 3 sets of Thomas & Friends now! Kids these days are so spoilt blessed…..


The gift that interests him the most currently is this:

Universe of Imagination Dough Fun Basic Set


Po Po, being an ex-childcare teacher, knows exactly what he will like at this stage and bought a set of play dough for him. Now Xi En is rolling, kneading and cutting everyday! Smile 

Family photos for memories:



Once again, HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY Xi En! You are very loved!

May you grow up with great wisdom and good health! Smile