Dec 2010

December 2010 came and gone in a flash. Dec is always a busy month for the family – 3 birthdays of special people (Mum, Father and Hubby – all 1 to 2 days apart!) and of course, Christmas, thanksgiving and New Year.

It was so busy that I couldn’t update the blog in time before the year passed – but that’s another story by itself.

Highlights of Dec 2010:


Christmas lights at Orchard:


View Christmas Lights 2010


Our Christmas Tree at home:

Dec 7

Xi En’s first time in the skytrain at Changi Airport. He was a little apprehensive but otherwise enjoyed the bumpy ride!:

Dec 9

Dec 8

 I know some mummies will frown at this: His first French fries from Mac’D.. and he is loving it! 🙂 

Dec 4

Mum’s birthday celebration at home:

Dec 10

We celebrated Kim’s birthday a few days late as Xi En fell sick for the last few days of the year.  We had a simple yet nice lunch at Toby’s at Parkway Parade. 🙂

Kim birthday

Bubbly Bubbles @ City Square Mall

Xi En loves bubbles. Just like any other young kids, he enjoys “catching” bubbles.

So we decided to bring him to City Square Mall where there is a “Magical World of Bubbles” at selected timings.


It turned out to be an eco-friendly Santa with a bubble machine.


bubbles 3

I had expected Mr Santa to move or at least “say” something or play some music. Ermm.. but it didn’t! There were just lots of bubbles churned out from a machine in front of Santa. Oh well.. at least it entertained the kids.


bubbles 1

Xi En loved the bubbles too…… until there were too much of them! We had to keep sweeping bubbles off his head, eyelashes, face, mouth!


bubbles 2

In the end, we decided to venture indoors to escape from the overwhelming bubbles!


Kim and I entertaining ourselves silly until we got told off by the salespeople that no photography allowed! oopps…:P

bubbles 5

 bubbles 4

After dinner, we discovered a fountain with lights near MacDonald’s. It is similar to the one at Bugis. 2 totally undeterred kids were having a good time getting wet!

bubbles 6

As for Xi En, I think the lights/high water were too daunting for him. That’s as close as he dared to go:

bubbles 7


It was good just to get out of the house. We were running out of ideas where/how to entertain this little-energetic-just-learnt-how-to-walk toddler. Definitely coming back to give the fountain another try when Xi En is older! 🙂