1st Jan 2012

First thing we did today – went to church in the morning. First day of 2012 – we choose to honour God. Actually, today fell on Sunday. that’s why. It’s important nonetheless. 🙂

2nd thing we did today – Flew a kite at Marina Barrage.


Today….. I learnt how to fly a kite! Don’t laugh. It looks easy but it ain’t that easy!

Kim and I struggled for a while before we could get the kite up in the sky. I learnt that one was supposed to wind back the strings and let go at critical stages when the wind blew.


Totally life lessons.

It’s all about giving and receiving.

It’s all about let Go and let God.

It’s all about letting the hurts, pains, regrets of the past years fly up in the sky and worry no more…..

It’s easy said than done of course. But we all live on don’t we.

Anyhow, I just realised today how refreshing flying a kite can be…… Smile

2012, here I come!