One of those days

A rainy and cold morning peppered with thunder and lighting… this kind of weather makes one feel whimsical…

Wonder if things could have been different if the actions were different. And that leads to regrets and “if-onlys”…

Many wise men said not to live life with regrets; make everyday count, look forward and not backwards and etc…. but how often on a blizzard cold morning like this.. one just felt like reflecting on the past; allowing these few moments to look back. Possibly dwelling the past is different from reflecting on the past, ya?

Recent bout of bad news didn’t help the insomnia.

Life is so fragile.

So fragile.

When such thoughts arise, I steal a kiss from my boy and give him a oh-so-tight hug.  I am thankful for my once-so-fragile little life.

Getting off to work soon – on a sleep-in Sat.

Life is good because of decisions you made.

Starting the weekend with a new Chinese song my little life learnt recently.

Such melodies stored in my phone are like energiser in my life. Smile