SEA Games Carnival @ Sports Hub (2015)

We happened to stay some 800m away from the Singapore Sports Hub where many activities are taking place due to the Southeast Asia Games (SEA Games) 2015 held in Singapore.

And so I just have to bring the kids to this FREE admission fringe activity – the SEA Games Carnival! Located near the main entrance of Kallang Wave Mall, stretching towards the Kallang Leisure Mall, there is endless fun for everyone, especially the young ones! Personally I think the 3 to 12 years old will really enjoy the carnival but there is no stopping the older folks getting immersed in the whole SEA games atmosphere!

I don’t prefer crashing with the crowd on weekends and thus choose a weekday morning to troop off with a neighbour family.

Here’s sharing some survival tips and activities we tried:

1) Choose the right time to visit – early morning or late afternoon (preferably)

The summer heat is unbearably; thus choose to visit at cooler hours if you can. The carnival is open daily from 10am to 9pm. We choose to go in the morning and by 1pm, we retreated indoors for lunch due to the sweltering heat. I believed late afternoon should be better as you get longer play hours minus the heat but possibly with a bigger crowd. And with a later closing time of 9pm, working parents will have a chance to bring their children after hours.

2) Arm yourself with water, drinks, food and a comfortable footwear

My survival backpack includes Ribena for the children and more water. Some light food such as bread, cakes and biscuits will be good if your kiddos do get hungry along the way. Go prepared with hats, sunglasses, sunblock, sun-block lotion and wear a comfortable pair of shoes. I was in slippers and imagine walking 11,000 steps (as clocked on my fitbit) without proper support; yes – I ended up with blisters!

There are many eateries in both malls, so you won’t need to bring lotsa food; just enough for hungry pangs.

3) Start off at the (air-con) registration booth

Register and sign off an indemnity form for your children at the registration booth. You will get the lanyards and tags to collect stamps/chops. After you obtain 5 stamps, you can exchange for a special SEA games merchandise pin and a lucky draw coupon. Good for the kids to have a sense of “completing” activities. You can continue playing even after collecting 5 stamps.

4) Start with queuing at the popular activities (if you are early!)

The more popular ones are the Zorb Bowling (a human bowling ball), the flying dunk, the rocky mountain and the Giant Slide!

Thankfully it was almost noon and thus the Q wasn’t that long. Less than 15 mins wait, we “boarded” into the translucent giant ball and peddle away! This sure is fun not just for the kiddos but the adults too! 🙂 My first experience in such activity.

Next up is the junior play zone. The children didn’t waste a min heading up the giant slide! And I was all too paranoid and asked the staff if all is safe; they assured me no issue at all.

Adults are not recommended to be up the slide due to our weight. Then again, I am not keen; not keen one bit.  The kids had loads of fun and had a few rounds up and down! Highly recommended if your children can take heights.

There is a ball pit, “NILA” Castle (a bouncy maze) and another bouncy castle for the younger ones. One word – no short of bouncy structures to keep children entertained. The crowd is very manageable on a weekday; so we didn’t need to Q at any of these structures.

5) The sheltered and shaded place (REST)

To avoid the heat and pause for a rest, go to the sheltered art and craft place next to the bouncy structures. Here, the children can participate in some colouring, make a SEA games torch, face painting, temporary tattoos and even collect a free canvas bag for DIY painting!

Don’t leave without taking a phot! There is a small corner in the same zone for the photo-loving Singaporeans. Some props are nearby; just pick them up and pose away! A photographer is also available to help take a photo and print out one free photo for keepsake. Nice touch I say! 🙂

6) Another photo taking opportunity!

There are a few mascots and interesting characters walking around for you to take some photos with. They are all really obliging and friendly. 🙂

7) Let the kids try out the ball games!

There are a variety of ball games in the main zone (nearer to Kallang Wave Mall); just with a little twist to cater to the younger crowd. 🙂

8) Attempt the outdoor/un-shaded activities when it is not so warm

We didn’t try the Rocky Mountain nor Flying Dunk (which are suitable for ages 4/5 and above) because they are both located in the open area where the sun was blazing hot. But they sure look fun! We might just head back to try these 2 activities.

9) Don’t forget to visit Samsung and the Milo truck!

Swing by Samsung booth for a super-posed shot like this:

Do you know what they are advertising in this photo? Not my Fitbit but their Samsung watch on our hands! For a moment, I thought why we need to wear those watches for the shot. 😛

They will pass you some Samsung balloon “clappers” (I am not sure what you call them); which are easily inflatable and great for cheering your favourite teams!

And of course, the ubiquitous Milo Truck and booth! It is the most welcomed icon in my school’s runs; and we were too thirsty to take any photos. A pity it is limited to 1 cup per person (for tasting only). I remembered it was unlimited supply at my school runs. 😀

10) Lastly, go back another day!

Don’t fret if you can’t finish all the activities in a day as it really do get exhausting. The carnival runs from 31st May till 16th June 2015, 10am to 9pm daily. Come back another day to try those you missed.

We couldn’t find the Laser Tag, it was too hot for the Mega Boxing, the Union Pay Hot Air Balloon wasn’t ready and we could do another round at the Zorb Bowling if not for the queue. So head back as there are different spontaneous performances and shows everyday too!

More details on

Till then, have fun and enjoy SEA games 2015!

Fly high in the sky

Is there a special activity which your family enjoys doing together?

We don’t exactly have (only) one. But we are an advocate to bring the children out to run and expend their energy in the nature as much as possible.

Nothing beats a green green grass with massive ground to run!

One of our favourite outdoor place is the Marina Barrage – a grateful realisation that it is the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew’s vision two decades ago which created this place to increase the water catchment areas for Singapore.

That aside, there is a huge green patch purposefully designed above the reservoir which served as a lifestyle attraction for many locals and tourists.

And this is one of the best kite flying (central) location as it is unblocked with strong winds and comes with a picturesque Singapore skyline.

With a new “Kungfu Panda” kite gifted by Xi En’s uncle for his birthday, he couldn’t wait to fly it.

We were there 2 weekends ago and we had a great time setting the kite up high!

The wind was so strong that the kite picked up the wind within a few tries. And before you knew it, we have a happy duo flying a kite.

This is a priceless moment to me. I loved that uninhibited; un-posed, candid shot of these 2 boys. The thrill and excitement speaks volume.

“A kite only flies if it’s tethered.” – Victor Robert Lee

I didn’t felt that Xi En could handle the kite alone. But Daddy, doing what Daddy is good in, taught him to hold on to the strings tightly with 2 hands lest he “fly away with the kite”.

“Imagination is the highest kite one can fly” –  Lauren Bacall

And Mummy do what Mummy is good in – pose for photos. 🙂

“True courage is like a kite; a contrary wind raises it higher.” – John Petit-Senn

Our kite flew really high but was cut off by another kite when the strings crossed path. The Kungfu panda kite brought down another couple’s kite along its descent. But no one complained. This is part of kite-flying; as expected in land-scare Singapore, we lived with tolerance for other kites (and people) and vice versa.

We hoped our boys learnt some life lessons; even if your kite descended, you can pick it up and make it soar once again.

Simple pleasures in life come in the form of kite flying.

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