The little mouse

It had been a slightly more challenging week of high fever, cough, breathlessness, wheezing & “merlioning” for Xi En.

We try to see the tiny streak of light beneath the dark clouds & it help that my mischievous boy never fail to make the going a little more light-hearted.

Aside from Xi en’s own issues, his grandaunt fell down over the weekend & broke her leg (ouch…)

I explained to Xi En that “Lao yi” fell down at the supermarket & broke her leg; had an op to fix it. He asked why, where, how.
I explained.

He asked again. I explained again.

He asked again. I explained again.

He asked again. I explained again.

@_@ – the questioning toddler. Often, I just want to throw the spanner to his Daddy but unfortunately he’s not always at home!

Few days later, he woke up & immediately said Lao yi is like “a little mouse” 小老鼠。I asked why? (my turn with WHY!). Haa..

He replied/sang the Chinese nursery rhyme “小老鼠”:

小老鼠 上灯台
(The little mouse went up the lamp stand)

偷吃油 下不来
(Stole some oil; couldn’t come down)

喵喵喵 猫来了
(Meow meow meow; the cat is here)

(Ji li gu lu, the mouse tumbled down)

For the mandarin speakers who heard this nursery rhyme before, you will get it. Interesting how his brains are wired up!

Loving my boy’s funny antics always. 🙂

Praying for his immunity to be stronger & get those nasty viruses down soon.

Happy healthy weekend to come everyone!

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