Drinking from a straw

image861170237.jpgIt might be a seemingly small achievement – but Xi En had just learnt to drink from a straw! This is after we used Mum’s tried & tested training method.

It is actually simple – we kept letting Xi En practice drinking from the other end of the straw. I.e. We will hold up some liquid from the other end of the straw and slowly release the pressure and let him suck/drink from that end. Gradually, he discovered that he had to suck in order for the liquid to flow through.

And then, we switch him to the correct end of the straw and one fine day, he just started sucking the liquid up!

His first sip from a straw …… is from a packet of Milo! Maybe the straw is small; just nice for his mouth. 🙂 It is my favourite snack drink too!

Small little milestones of Xi En’s life but all so BIG in his mummy’s eyes! 🙂

New Beginnings

________________________________________ silence…silence.. cobwebs and spiders are crawling all over! I know I had been really inactive here… 😛

I was so so so BUSY! It had been such a longgggggg time since I last blogged and was thinking if I remembered how to do it! But then again, I am slightly more free lately because of various developments in my life….


Ever since going back to the workforce at RW, I realised that I really missed Xi En badly! I understood from many new mummies that this is quite normal. But I decided since then that I don’t want a 8 to 6 or even longer type of work!

Personally I felt “left” out whenever mum filled me in with all the new stuff that baby can do in the day time when I was at work. I can’t imagine him “growing up” with me missing out so many details in his life! I felt that I better make a decision to be more involved in his life while he still wants mummy!

But then again, I am not that noble! I really doubt that I can be a full time housewife either…. thus decided to take up the challenge of being a :




or real estate agent/professional – whatever you call it. At least this gives me the flexibility in hours and yet allows me to work from home.


Anyway, had meant to try that one of these days.. because of the real estate degree that I have taken in NUS.. just didn’t think that the day will come earlier than expected.

So, now – back to the updates: 


Xi En had grown so much and doctors are happy with his development thus far; though the nutritionist said that his weight is below the 50th percentile, thus we need to feed him more! I figured out that probably because he is an active child, thus metabolism rate is higher and as such whatever we fed him is burnt away! Got to beat that metabolism rate!


Have already updated most of his photos on FB due to the surge of internet-on-go and the wonderful Iphone! But here are some of the newer ones:


Xi en combined

Till I next find time and energy to blog….. 🙂