Herbivore is a small Japanese vegetarian restaurant which we found in Fortune Center along Waterloo area.
It used to be known as “Zen” till it was rebranded and relocated in recent years.

This is a unique Japanese restaurant which sells predominately Japanese vegetarian food. Can you imagine veg sashimi and unagi?

We visited this place on this exact same date last year for my Mum’s birthday celebration and once again went back this year.

Just a quick post here to share this little place for those who are vegetarians or want to try something different.

This round we had:

Unagi rice set. A must order simply because they handmade the unagi. It’s not just beancurd skin but a mixture of unagi-alike sauce with homemade soft paste which was deep fried or grilled? Texture-wise not like the real thing. But taste-wise, it scored 99% in my books. Very yummy! No wonder it is their store’s speciality!


Soba soup set
The soup broth is made fragrant with lotsa mushroom but I tasted some seasonings as well. Otherwise, noddles is springy & overall a good choice if you want a hot soupy dish. The fried popiah thingie on the side is really good! We gobbled it up before we can tell what it is made from. Something creamy with cheese.


Smoked duck maki
This is a good choice recommended by the waitress too. We wanted a sushi but not the fake salmon type as we tried it last round and was disappointed by the rubbery fake texture. And so we picked a safer choice this time; and it didn’t go wrong.


Stir-fry udon
No photos because my hands and mouth were full by the time this arrived. A slightly spicy dish with special sauce. Decent choice but probably can be found in regular vegetarian stalls too.

Without drinks, this meal set us back by approximately S$77 for 3 adults & 1 kid. But Xi en basically didn’t eat much as usual.
My little one was really interested though he can’t quite eat outside food yet!


Overall it’s a decent place for the special occasion but probably not our everyday choice as prices are not exactly easy on the wallet. They do sell liquor and wines here as well if you are wondering. Check out the place if you are buying a meal for a vegetarian or simply curious about how Japanese vegetarian food will taste like! 🙂


190 Middle Road
Fortune Centre



Oh, and of course a Happy birthday to the kiddos’ grandmother & my mum!