Because they are so dear, I learnt to bake them!

With $2.50 a pop, Hokkaido Chiffon Cakes are not exactly a neighbourhood-priced cake. It’s almost bite-sized and dainty enough for my 4 years old to polish 2 at a go. And that’s $5 for 2 pops!

Ermmm…not exactly something I would buy on a daily basis; especially if he decides to eat 5 or 10 a day! *gulp*

But thankfully Xi En is a small eater. He’s unfortunately also a picky one. Thus whenever he took a liking to a particular food, we will try to feed him more of that as a bid to get more food into that underweight frame.

Thus when one of the SMB fellow mom bloggers – Pauline – (incidentally also the founder of Munch Ministry – one of my favorite “likes” on Facebook) organised a baking session for Hokkaido Chiffon Cakes; I jumped at the opportunity to learn it!

I could try making it through one the recipes online but nothing beats having visual aids and practice.

So we gather this weekday and had a great hands-on session together with fellow mom bloggers.

The bake-out place @ Tessensohn Civil Service Club:


The thing I love about cooking classes are: the mistakes can be rectified and also we learnt the little tips not taught in recipes. E.g. ensure no extra oil/water on the bowls we used; otherwise end products will be affected and the eggs are to be beaten to this pale-yellow consistency:


Once again, my bake-out partner – Pamela – trying to conquer the eggs; sure look effortless. :-p


KitchenAid – One amazing kitchen helper which I would love to have in my kitchen one day too! With this aid, we had the egg whites beaten up and the batter combined.


The verdict: It’s really not diffcult to make this. Taste is almost similar to what I bought from the bakery outside; if not better!! My boys at home gobbled down a few; which tasted even better when chilled.

So now to save some $2.50 ++++++++, I hope to be replicating these at home whenever we are in the mood for the fluffy; easy-on-the-waist chiffon cakes. 🙂

Do pop over to Munch Ministry’s website for assortments of tried-and-tested recipes if you are keen to try the above & more!

Thank you once again to Pauline and Munch Ministry for organising this bake-out session! The above event is made possible also because of someone’s birthday: