Home and Decor Part 5– Kids’ room makeover with Nippon Paint (Final look!)

Previously, we showed you the meticulous work by the Nippon Paint painters. Here’s the end result after we bought new furniture and deck up the kids’ room! Smile

The boys have been sleeping on mattresses without frames ever since they were babies. The main reason is safety – both boys fell and rolled off our adult beds before – thus the decision to use mattresses on the floors.

But Ethen had been asking for a “proper” bed since he is growing up. We did have a “fire engine” pull-out dual bed before, but it didn’t work out. So we gave it away.

This time, we bought a 2-in-1 single “adult” bed; hoping it will last longer.

I choose a white colored bedframe despite knowing the boys might dirtied them. Just because it matched the colors of the painted walls. Open-mouthed smile

Here’s the final look of the boys’ room; simple and functional:

Pull-out bed with white bed frames for the boys. Bed sheets from King Koil Warehouse Sale. And a colourful TASTRUP carpet from Ikea as the weight of the bed put dents onto the floor.

I love the white frame against the Momento Special Effects Series of paint by Nippon Paint. And kids’ room has the liberty of adding pops of colors! Smile

At one of the corners, we recycled the brown IKEA book shelf from our old place as it was still well maintained. Ethen loves to read so the book shelf is constantly filled with many books to encourage the boys to pick up a book easily.

I bought a wooden clock with the face of a map because Ethen enjoys identifying places in the world. The wooden block puzzle toys are from our Taiwan trip – a gift from my mother to the boys.

For the wall which was painted with Nippon Odourless Paint in “Raindrop” color – I put up white photo frames with recent photos taken by Tomato Photography.
Instead of buying a picture, I D.I.Y a watercolor calligraphy quote. First attempt – thus the “raw” and “impromptu” look. Open-mouthed smile But maybe more meaningful than a store-bought painting? Smile

And that’s the final look of the kids’ room.

Made possible together with Nippon Paint! Smile

If you are looking to paint your new place or spruce up your current house before Christmas/New Year, do take advantage of Nippon Paint’s promotion with savings more than $900 and stand a chance to win a staycation! More details on Nippon Paint’s website.


Another cool thing to share: Nippon Paint had developed an application “Colour Visualizer” which is available for Free on iOS and Android. You can take a photo of the room/wall that you are planning to paint and choose from a wide range of color selections. Thereafter you can “paint” the walls virtually to see how they turn out.

Nippon hopes this will help owners to “visualize” the colors prior to painting and make informed decisions on matching furniture too.

Try it out today! Smile

N.B: This is part 2 of a 2 part-series of a collaboration with Nippon Paint’s painting services. Photos and opinions are writer’s own unless credited.

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