24/7 online grocery shopping is Therapeutic!

With a really hectic schedule these few weeks ever since my helper decided to go emotional on us and left for home (another story by itself); we pretty much had to shoulder on more chores.

And it didn’t help that both boys decided to fall sick around the same time plus I had a big project launch on-going at work. It was just busy busy busy everyday from morning till night.

I am just so glad that I am living in today’s today. The age of internet shopping! With really little time to spare in the day time, my favourite time to shop is at night; when everyone is all asleep.

The night-owl in me scan through the popular websites, select the most user-friendly and trustworthy ones and BUY AWAY! My husband always wonder why there are parcels delivered to our house when I didn’t have time to shop. Muahhahhaha…. I didn’t dare to show him the credit card bills!

2 days back, I had a go at online grocery shopping!

I always enjoyed going to the supermarkets. Everywhere in the world; my favourite and must-go places are the grocery shops. Somehow, to me, grocery-shopping is therapeutic! Anyone feels the same out there?

But lately, time constraints drove me to the online stores and it gave me the best chance to try out Redmart.com – a new online establishment I saw last year. Cut the chase: the easy-to-navigate menus + large friendly SALE banner gave me a pleasant first-time online grocery shopping experience. I completed my purchase within 30 mins. Took slightly longer as I was peering through the “new” section. Open-mouthed smile


My few cents worth of thoughts:

Prices: I believed most mummies are price sensitive when it comes to purchasing grocery items. For the “aunties” (like me), I can remember most of normal rack prices at the regular supermarket. If it cost a hell-lot more than usual, I am unlikely to add to my cart unless I desperately need the item. If it is just a few cents of difference, I will close my eyes and click ADD! I didn’t do a detailed price comparison on all items, but would say by large 80% of the items offered on Redmart.com are quite competitively priced. Tip: check out their Sale section to see what’s on sale so you can grab those first! Smile

Quality: Not sure as the goods are not delivered yet. But I don’t expect the quality to be any different from if I just head out to buy them myself. Currently they don’t offer fresh produces; so quality of dry stuff should meet the standard. But an area for improvement would be to provide expiry dates for all the food items. From my experience shopping on international sites (iherb.com for that matter); all expiry dates are provided clearly so consumers can plan their purchase and usage in a more timely fashion.

Payment: Using paypal or credit card. Secured enough for me.

Range of products: Decent selection; more than 3 to 4 brands for most products. You won’t get everything and every brands; but safe to say most popular and familiar brands are in there. And if I am not wrong, they are trying to add more product choices to their list.

Delivery: Earliest available date for my delivery is 5 days (including Sat and Sun). Honestly, didn’t expect it to be 5 days. Maybe I have to adjust my expectations. Unless I head out to buy them myself, I won’t get the grocery in that next instant. But then again, I would have thought 3 to 4 days will be more acceptable. Nonetheless, one key helpful point is that I won’t need to lug back sacks of rice, mountain of diapers and lorries of milk powder! No prizes for guessing what I bought for this shopping spree at Redmart!

Overall, I am glad there is such an online grocer which opens 24/7 for busy folks like me. Compared to other individual standing supermarkets which offer online shopping as well, I like it that Redmart offers free delivery if you purchase above $75 (Fairprice and Cold Storage charges $7 delivery fee). It’s not too difficult to hit amount if you are buying for a family. For first-timer like me, I purchased my groceries from Redmart with a coupon code from an online couponing portal – Flipit- which collects special promo codes and sales from Singapore and around the world. It gave me 15% off for first-time purchaser! Yeah! – any little savings help a long way.

Do you have a favourite online shopping site? Do share them with me; I think I just got started and hooked on!

Disclaimer: This post and shopping experience is inspired by Flipit which prompted me to check out online shopping codes for more cost savings before I check-out my carts! All opinions (and shopping trophies) are writer’s.