Post-natal present

What do you get for giving birth? We had often joked about this before I was pregnant. I asked Kim – some have diamonds, some have LV bags, what will you give me for giving birth? (since mine was a difficult pregnancy; I should have a “bigger” pressie?! :P). haha.. of course the biggest reward is our little Ethen. BUT it never hurt for a little gift giving, right? 🙂


My hubby decided to be really sweet and bought me the latest phone in town – IPHONE 3Gs – for a fairly good deal! 🙂 But honestly, for a self confessed technology-dummy, I am not sure who is enjoying the phone more now… 😛


Nonetheless, it is a really cool gadget (especially after our friend “prisonbreak” it!). You will probably see me more on fb, msn now! 🙂


iphone 3gs