Cafe Melba @ Goodman Road

One of those lazy Sunday mornings when Xi En woke up early; we decided to checked out this tucked away cafe joint – Cafe Melba –  at Goodman Arts Centre.



There are outdoor and indoor seating spaces. We choose outdoor seats to keep an eye on my running bunny.


You can spot the place when you drive towards Fort Road and on weekends there will be a small bouncy castle to entertain the kiddos. It’s also a pets friendly restaurant. Smile


PB112655I think any cafes with a bouncy castle win the kids. Smile But what I really liked is the big open space in front of the cafe.  There is large open field and a gravel ground for children/pets to run wild.

It’s a good idea to bring some digging toys and balls to keep them self-entertained. Oh, and spray on the mosquito repellent if your children has blood types which attract the mozzies. Xi En’s blood happened to taste really sweet to them.



Food wise – Honestly, it’s not fulfilling as some other hearty brunch/all day breakfast places. I came here during lunch hours once and I believed the food/drinks was better for lunch/dinner.

Our choices for the day:

Kim’s: “Full Melba Cooked Breakfast” (not super full actually)


Mine: “Pancakes with Berry Compote, whipped cream and maple syrup” (fluffy but the portion is still not enough for me. Maybe I am just a big eater!)


Overall, it’s still a decent place for play dates and a morning of fun for my boy.

Exhausted by the end of the morning, he sure had a good afternoon nap. Key reason to return again. Smile