Lunch alone with Boy

A Mom’s life.

While having bee Hoon fish soup lunch ALONE with your boy; u smelt a fart (obviously its ur boy’s because its quite recognizable)…

“Mummy, my tummy pain pain”

“Do u need to poo poo?”

“No, I want 风油 (medicated oil)”

Now.. Mummy don’t carry oil around in her bag everywhere!

“Babe, we will apply some when we reach home”

(desperate attempt to divert his attention)

“Mummy.. I want to poo poo”
Ok, no oil, Boy wants to poo. Now . Now . NOW!!!

Lunch is 1/2 way through (ONLY!)


Mummy is alone with Boy…

“Can you hold while we finish lunch”

Legs crossed, hands on tummy; face distorted; 1 more fart came out.

No, Boy can’t hold. & No, Mummy doesn’t want to wipe poo off food court’s chair.

Shoved 2 more spoons of hot soup into own mouth & Boy’s mouth.

Made a bee hive dash to nearest loo.

Placed Boy on a nicely toilet-papered laced loo’s seat.

“Mummy, I want to pee”

“Yes, you can pee”

“Mummy, can I pee pee?”

“Yes, quick. & Poop at the same time”

Boy pee. Mummy waited.

“Mummy, I’m done”

Pee. Check.

Poo. Unchecked.

“babe, where’s the poo? I thought you wanna poo?”

“No, I only want to pee”

There goes Mummy’s lunch.