King Koil Warehouse Sale 2016!!

As we are in the midst of renovating and moving house, we are also shopping for good deals for accessories. And just nicely, King Koil is having their annual WAREHOUSE SALE now!

We were kindly invited to have a preview of their jaw-dropping-price-slashing SALE today. And I am glad we went!

This sale is unlike some sales which say they are having a sale only to mark up their usual prices and give a discount for the impression that they are having a sale. You know what I mean?

King Koil Warehouse Sale is an annual event (takes place on the same day every year so I heard). And die-hard fans will not fail to drop in to snatch buy beddings, linens and etc at heavily discounted prices.

Just how cheap can it get? Let me show you a preview:

The warehouse is located at 13 Sungei Kadut Way; at an industrial area. If you are driving, note that there is no parking in the building but pay-as-you-park car lots are available along the roads.

There are free shuttle buses plying from Yew Tee MRT Station from 9am to 830pm.


As you walk into the building, you will see miscellaneous household items located on the left:

There are items such a La Gourmet thermal bottles, drying racks and etc.




On the right, there are some sofa furniture. These are the lower end ones. The higher priced ones are in the aircon building.


Skip all the above if you are coming for the beddings and linens. Open-mouthed smile Head towards the cashier counters and you will see the beddings and linens.

This is the “war zone”. As it was raining when we reached and it is a working day, the crowd was still thin. But come tomorrow and weekend, I have seen photos of maddening crowd. So wear your light “war gear” and “chiong” through these rows:


Before that, grab one of these shopping bags. Trust me, they will come in useful. Smile


How good are the prices? These good:

There are bedding sheets and sets as cheap as $10!






If you are here for the Marvel Beddings Collection; you will be happy to know that it is Buy 4 Get 1 Free! And prices start from $15 per fitted sheet set:



One of King Koil best selling products is their Protect-A-Bed (Tencel) Mattress Pad. These are waterproof bed covers/protectors which are especially useful if you are potty-training your young ones or if you have older folks at home who need some help. They are meant to be waterproof and yet “breathable” so it won’t be warm when you sleep on these protectors. Prices are discounted now because they are clearing stocks too. Sizes are limited in supply; so grab these first. Open-mouthed smile





If you need new pillows and bolsters for the new year, this is a good time to stock up. There are various types to fit everyone’s comfort and wallets.

I am a fan of 100% Down Alternative pillows. They are Micro-gel and made in Korea. I recall the retail price in shops outside is about $70. These are more expensive than your $10 to $20 pillows but they are soooooooo comfortable. If you like hotel-style pillows, I recommend these! You can use them for at least 1 to 2 years? So I guessed, it’s quite worth to pay $0.06 cents per day to sleep on a good pillow. Smile


Many others on sale; to fit different budgets and preferences:




On the same section, there are curtains, towels and blankets for sale too. We picked out 2 summer blankets for the boys as they are outgrowing their baby-sized ones.


If I have a baby or a daughter, I would have bought these really cute ones:




If you are keen in better quality beddings, head into the aircon lobby and go up to Level 5. You will see OTO massage chairs (which are for sale too) and then a room with Dorma (brand) beddings. This is the little treasure room for 500 to 800 thread counts beddings. If you are like me; who prefers higher thread counts bed sheets, this will be your hunting room. Known as “Tencel” (天丝) material, it is like “heaven silk”. I really like King Koil’s fitted sheets because of one key reason: All their King Sizes can fit 17” mattress! I have a thick 17” King size (King Koil!) Mattress and it is not easy to find 17” depth bed sheets. There were still nice designs when we were there but the sales lady said you got to be fast as this is stock clearance so the prettier designs and sizes run out quick.

Tip: get there early if you can so you can the “first cut” of the stocks for the day!


And most importantly, the price? It is $100 for Duvet Cover Set regardless of sizes. And $50 for fitted sheets! You definitely CANNOT get this outside! For me, this is a die-die-must-buy deal! For 700 to 800 thread counts at $100, it is so worth it!


One more good stuff to share in this room. Check out the higher thread count Dorma Child Set Collections here too. There are 550 thread counts Cotton Sateen bed sheets here especially designed with cutesy designs for young children. All the fitted sheets set are priced from $25 each!!


Their premium made-in Denmark Foss Flakes pillows are available at discounted prices too:



When you are done here, follow the crowd and walk a little further down the aisle to reach the furniture and mattresses room. I learnt that King Koil actually does a lot of sofa but mostly export them. You can try out the sofa and coffee tables here to see if anything catches your eye.


If you are here to buy their mattresses, you can find a good range here. Prices are marked down by at least 20% to 30% less than those in major department stores as this is a “warehouse sale”?!






Lastly, if you still have time to roam around, look out for the external partners which King Koil is working with this year:

Nippon Paint (5th floor)


OTO (massage chairs) 5th floor)


Europace (1st floor)


If you need a drink or small snacks, King Koil has thoughtfully placed some near the cashier on the first floor. Help yourself. Smile


King Koil’s very sought-after annual sale is open to the public on 2nd to 5th Sept 2016 from 9am to 9pm.

Once again shuttle buses are available 9am to 830pm from Yew Tee MRT. Head down to change all your beddings for the new year! Smile

For updates, do check out King Koil Facebook page.

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Our “loot”!: Smile Smile


NB: We were invited for the preview sale and gifted with vouchers for the purpose of this invite. But this shopaholic blogger went a little overboard and dug further into her own pocket so she can sleep on “heaven silk”. Enough said, check out the quality and sale for yourself. Smile