Huggies Event @ Polliwogs

Media Invite

About a month back we were invited to attend the Huggies event held at Polliwogs at Vivocity. We (Actually it’s the kids) were thrilled when they saw the indoor playground! It is still a fairly new playground opened under a year and thus the play areas and gears are still well maintained. Who doesn’t like new stuff ya. Smile 

As Xi En wasted no time to dash off into the play zones, Eizac attended the Huggies media event with me at Polliwogs’s designated “party” room. Rahul Asthana, Marketing Director for Baby & Childcare, Kimberly Clark gave us an informative introduction on the in-depth research and new technology which went into the product design for the new Huggies Ultra Pants.

My key takeaway was that Huggies really knew what parents wanted out of a diaper pants. With research done on more than 150 Singaporean babies, they came out with a highly innovative design which I have yet to see it in any other diaper brands in Singapore. I won’t be surprised if other brands are sitting up now and such innovation might be replicated in time to come. In my opinion, the key design feature which differentiates it from other brands is the Easy Open Sides with refastenable Magic Tapes. 

As a mummy of 2, I have tried a fair share of diaper pants and I am just wowed by these Magic Tapes. After Eizac used it for a few weeks, we can testify that it allows easy removal of diapers (especially useful when the babies poop!) and it can be adjusted to provide a customised fit. Gone are the days that I need to tear off the sides of diaper pants to get them off the legs.

The new slim absorbent core technology helps to lock wetness away and prevent “drooping” diapers when they are heavy and wet. Of course, then again, diapers need to be changed no matter how good they are. Huggies Ultra Pants just helped to give more “mileage” out of one piece of diaper. Open-mouthed smile Read my full review on Huggies Ultra Pants here.

We were treated to yummy refreshments hosted by Polliwogs. Tasty finger food, if you want to hold a party there next time. (Didn’t get to take any photos of the food as I was chasing after those 2 boys!!). Eizac joined his brother at the kiddy play area and that gave us a chance to test out the Ultra Pants in motion. It fitted well, lasted long and seemed comfortable even as Eizac raced up and down the play structures. No leakages, no red marks from long wear or abrasion. I am one happy Mummy when such basic stuff are taken care of.

Eizac also had a mini photoshoot at the photo booth. He was the last one to take the shoot as he was getting cranky with his nap time approaching. But the photographer and his team were helpful; did a number of fast takes and we finally got a nice one!

And our 2 minutes of camera time when I took some questions from the Huggies events folks. Eizac was almost ready to yank off the microphone when it came near though! hhahaaa.

It was an enjoyable morning/afternoon out with Huggies at Polliwogs! We had great fun! Thank you Huggies for inviting us! Smile 

p.s: If you haven’t already tried Huggies Ultra Pants, do request for a FREE sample on Huggies website here! It is currently retailing at major supermarkets and baby stores too.