Man and His Ladies’ Bags

How many men are willing to carry your handbags? I know 2 men in my life who are willing to do so! Of course – one has to be my hubby. And the other one – my younger brother! 🙂 How sweet ya??


Some debated that husbands or boyfriends or brothers shouldn’t be carrying their female counterparts’ little or big handbags. But to me – it is a display of love and willingness to serve your loved ones! Nonetheless, I know that men don’t quite enjoy being seen with women’s bags; whether it is a sign of “weakness” or “girly-ness”. Same goes for Kim. He has to always remind me of MacD’s commercial – “You so need a Mega Mac!” – after a man was totally embarrassed while standing outside a fitting room with a lady’s bag.

So… every time I asked for my bag (no matter how tiny or big) to be carried, Kim will lament – “I so need a Mega Mac”. hahaa.. nonetheless, I know he will do anything to help his wife lighten her load. 😀 Well… I try to do my part by buying nicer bags at least. 😀


And.. when you are pregnant – your brother carries your bag too! ha.. 🙂 3 cheers, bro!


So for those men who carries your ladies’ bags – do know that we appreciate and love it! 🙂 Thanks Man (literally) ! 🙂