Morning Walk

Had been having disturbed sleep for the past few nights because Xi En seemed to be turning into a night owl. Some said that he was getting the world cup fever! He woke up at 6am this morning (and 12am and 3am as well) and refused to sleep anymore, thus Mum and I decided to bring him for a morning walk. Decided to go up to the rooftop garden above the carpark.


The views from the rooftop garden:


rooftop 1

rooftop 2

rooftop 4

rooftop 3

Xi En was as usual – happy to be out of the house. He is one curious boy but loves to scream when he got bored or tired. Mostly, he was still co-operative throughout the stroll and didn’t scream the house down! 😛


Mum teaching Xi En the colors of the flowers”:

walk 1


And that you shouldn’t be plucking the flowers (too late!):


walk 4 

Getting tired..yawn yawn…:


walk 3 Is that a tired look or what…:

walk 2

Finally back home to nap after a good 45 mins walk: Sleep baby sleep…. :

sleep 1