Naming Baby

Many are curious by now what we are naming our miracle baby warrior. 🙂 Ok – here goes – He shall be proudly known as:






(Zeng Xi En)


A check through a few naming websites generated the following meanings:

Meaning of Ethen (pronounced the same way as “Ethan” and is an alternative way to spell it):

strong and optimistic, solid and enduring, steadfast and permanent, long-lived.

Origin: Hebrew

The coincidence is that we came up with this name even before we had all these hospital issues. So.. I think God knows best what he has in store for our baby. 🙂 And yes, we “happened” to decide to choose a name that starts with “E” and Kim decided to use the one ending with “e” rather than “a” ‘cos it signifies both our union – “E”dwin and “E”velyn. OK.. how cheesy ya.. but when you start naming your children, you will know it is not an easy task!


As for the Mandarin name, I really have to credit Kim for this. HE WAS THE ONE WHO CAME UP WITH IT!  Well..ok – I came up with “en”. That’s an easy one ‘cos I simply love “en” from a long time back. Though I know many Christian babies have “en” in their names, I still can’t resist using “en”. It kind of matches Eth-“en” as well! haaa…

As for stringing the Chinese name together, Kim had this dream (while I am in KKH) that our baby will become an Obstetrics and Gynaecology (O&G for short) doctor who specialises in high risk pregnancies in the future! haha… What silly dream you might say.. but the main aim is that we want baby to be a useful person who will contribute positively back to society in the future (especially since his birth hadn’t come easy!!!). So Kim wanted a Chinese word that resonate that.

He wanted a name that signify: hope (希望 – xi1 wang1) or miracle (奇迹 qi2 ji4). After talking out loud for a while, we found out that 希恩 sounded prefect-o! 🙂 So baby can tell people his Chinese name is hope (希) and gratitude or grace (恩)!


Don’t you just love the whole naming process? 🙂


Kim copying baby's chinese name from a dictionary. What a serious look!

Kim copying baby's chinese name from a dictionary. I love the serious look! 🙂