Thankful Tuesday–Occasions in photos

April to early May is always a busy time in the family.. lots of celebrations.

Instead of an essay; believed pictures suffice to capture the moments. Oh, food gatherings are my favourite form of gatherings. 🙂

April 29: Our Wedding Anniversary

P.S Cafe: We choose the outlet at Ann Siang Hill. A place we don’t want can’t bring the kids.

Lovely black & white decor with great (sinful) food & my favourite date pudding with toffee topped with vanilla bean ice-cream.

ps cafe 1

ps cafe 2

May 3rd – My Birthday

Birthday treat from younger bro & sister-in-law: I chose to try the value-for-money Japanese buffet at Chizo Zanmai.

Osaka-type of family cuisine. Comfort food with some hits & misses.

But probably not worth paying for the dinner which includes sashimi. I would head back for weekday lunch at $14.90++/pax.

They are nice not to charge my toddler who ate peanuts-worth-of-a-buffet.


Kim bought back a chocolate truffle cake from Cedele – one of my favourite places to take away birthday cakes.

3 big candles but I am not 30 years old. He said a woman after 30 shouldn’t reveal her age. Errm… I thought I should aged gracefully?


May 12th: Mother’s Day

4 years of motherhood; this is the first year Xi En seemed to grasp a little concept of Mother’s Day. Not enough to let me sleep in till 10am or make me breakfast in bed (yet).

But his school surely knew what mummies want. We mummies have a soft spot for this sort of things:

A hand-made clay pendant necklace which each kiddo took turns to present to their mummies coupled with lots of hugs and kisses.

Xi En told me a few days before the school Mother’s Day tea party that he has a surprise for me. He was looking high and low in his bag but couldn’t find “the surprise”.

I told him he got to wait till Mother’s Day tea party in school. 😛

Mother Day 3

We listened to a heart-warming kids’-shrieking Mother’s Day song and planted a garden to bring home:

Mother Day 2

My first photo with my two precious boys – Mother’s Day at church:

Mother Day 1

Loving mummyhood ever so much – poo,booger,tears,hugs and kisses – all of them. It’s a precious gift from God which I have a love-hate relationship with at times.

But God makes all things beautiful in His time. Thankful for His gift of motherhood. 🙂

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