Week 34– Rolling and Turning

It’s amazing how we far we came till now.

From the “not-sure-if-baby-will-make-it-thru-first-trimester” stage to the final lap now, I am encouraged by his spins and kicks in my womb. Smile

The final trimester is also a stage which I have never experienced before (Xi En was born at Week 31 previously). It’s a whole new experience for me.

In summary, this is how I feel now (ha ha but so true!):

pregnancy cartoon

And of course I felt pregnant for the longest time… That is on top of feeling like an always-hungry big whale with lots of blubber.

Moving from a sitting/lying down position to a standing position requires much effort and I had to roll and turn myself with much awkwardness before I could pick myself up.

Please forgive this pregnant whale if you caught me fumbling around during this season.

Updates: We just had an ultrasound scan last week and the situation was still status-quo. It’s still placenta previa major and the placenta isn’t bungling much.

The good news is: no bleeding experienced thus far; which is always a good sign.

The not-so-good news is: It will definitely be another caesarean delivery for me (safest option). I am not against caesarean. It’s just the longer recovery process which puts me off. Further to that, my obstetrician explained that if the placenta is in front of the baby, she will need to cut through the placenta to reach the baby. This potentially will cause life-threatening haemorrhage and pose danger to both mother and child. If that happens, we will be whisked to ICU operating theatre in the midst of delivery. I really hope NOT! *__*

Thankfully, from the recent scan; the placenta is currently located at the back of the womb. i.e. the baby is in front. So hopefully, she can deliver the baby before the placenta pops out.

It’s scary hearing the potential risk from her. But she is encouraging and reassured that she will be doing her best to ensure safety to us all.

And so, we are going for the homestretch real soon. Till then, I will still be rolling and turning around pretty much. 🙂