Pulau Ubin / Chek Jawa Trip

Thanks to KDK, my family won a 2 days 1 night trip to Pulau Ubin/Chek Jawa – on a Eco-trip! We were really quite excited about the trip as after much deliberation, we decided to bring Xi En along. It is his first trip “out” of main land Singapore. As the mother, I naturally over packed his luggage. In actual fact, we devoted just one big haversack entirely for his stuff! I would have brought along a bottle steriliser if my mum didn’t stop me! haaa…


Anyway, we survived the trip to tell this story:


Xi En with Ah Ma in his first bum boat trip:

xi en in bum boat





Arrival at the Celestial Resort for a 1 night stay:

celestial resort



All ready and decked up in the green T-shirts provided by KDK:

ready in green


One for the family album:

in green t


On the nature walk to the spice garden, Xi En is so tired that he fell asleep on his hunky Daddy’s shoulders:

dutiful parents


An extremely tired baby:

extremely sleep head


Q: Pulau Ubin triva: What is this man-made hole within a tree used for?

mystery hole







A: This is dated back to some time in WWII, built by the French people apparently. A big oven for making bread!! Amazing isn’t it? An oven nested within a tree; ingenious!


The many scenes of Pulau Ubin – a rustic island away from the bustle of life:

scenes of pulau ubin



Next, after lunch, we embarked on the highlight of this trip – an exploration of Chek Jawa! I didn’t managed to join the group in this because I decided to bring Xi En back to the resort to take a good nap. He was totally knocked out by the day’s events having to wake up at 7am! Mum, Bro and Kim went on to see this wetland with the team. 🙂


A group photo:

Group Photo


Mum and Bro with the winning entries of an eco-fan! These 2 fans won the Most Creative and Most Recyclable awards! Well Done! 🙂

the winning entry fans





Scenes of Chek Jawa:

scenes of chek jawa


After a really tiring hot day, we retreated to the resort for a yummy buffet dinner:

yummy food


There are many activities available at Celestial Resort such as snorkelling, swimming, mud pool, fish spa and etc. At my insistence, we decided to try the fish spa! In the end, I was really too scared to put my foot in! The feeling is liken to a series of electric current going through your legs! Especially since I hated creepy crawly stuff, these little fishes proved to test my tolerance limits!


I mean look at this! Isn’t it really scary! They look a little like errmm…. worms?? I think the hungry fishes are only fed when there are visitors:

fish spa 6


Bro was the brave one and took the first plunge while I hesitated after seeing all the fishes swarming at his feet!:

fish spa 2


Only 1 brave soul with his feet submerged in the water while the others pretended to be doing so. haaaa! :

fish spa 1


After relaxing, mum gave her hands a go too!:

fish spa 4


Xi En is curious too!:

fish spa 3



Overall it was a tiring but fun time for the family. It was just nice to bring Xi En out for fresh air and to experience nature! 🙂  Many thanks to KDK for making this possible! 🙂 I am dreaming of the next one already! 🙂


xi en playing with coconut