CNY 2011 continues at Marina Barrage & River Ang Pow

I am probably the last person to visit Marina Barrage – and I am loving it! We were there quite late after dinner but the wind was so strong that we didn’t need much effort to fly the kite. I have never really flew a kite before – simply because the winds are never strong enough! You know.. you run for miles with the kite and the wind just doesn’t pick it up!

This is the first time I really enjoyed flying one almost effortlessly. Smile We will be back! Smile 


My bro’s smiley kite:

marina barrage 2



Before the sky turns really dark:

marina barrage 1


The night scene:

marina barrage 4



Family photo; as usual Xi En was not in a very agreeable mood to take photos:

marina barrage 5



Thereafter we adjourn to River Ang Pow. Been years since I went down for this yearly event. But still nothing to shout about.


Love these photos: 


river ang bao 3



river ang bao 2