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The newest kid on the Punggol block is Punggol SAFRA – this new orange/brown building next to Waterway @ Punggol.

The inspiration of the cascading architectural design comes from the natural slope seen on part of the land where the club is built. The club is also integrated seamlessly with the adjacent Punggol Waterway Park to retain the naturalistic ambience for recreation. In other ways, no side/front/back gates. I thought that is great for bringing nature closer to built-environment. And also those hues blend in nicely with the nature surroundings.


Last weekend, we were part of a group of Singapore Parent Bloggers who were invited to have a “Little Punggol Safra Explorer” Day. Here’s sharing our first hand experience exploring some of the establishments at Punggol SAFRA. This place is open to the public (non SAFRA members) though members might get some special rates at selected outlets.


It is a little “ulu” if you are not a Punggolians. But not exactly since the government is trying to maximise all land space in Singapore; nowhere is that ulu anymore.

Address is 9 Sentul Crescent Singapore 828654

By Car you can reach here using TPE or KPE. But do note that car parking isn’t cheap for non members. If you intend to stay for a longer period, it will be more ideal to take public transport.

By MRT/LRT, it is just 1 min walk from Sam Kee LRT Station

By Bus, 382G/382W from Punggol Bus Interchange will reach nearby.

More details on getting there and car park rates here.

Where’s the Fun

There is something for the whole family here.

We didn’t manage to try the Bikes @ Waterway but this is a highlight of Punggol SAFRA. This SAFRA club is the first to include cycling activites. Bikes @ Waterway is part of the Park Connector Network (PCN) Pitstop network that offers returns of bicycle conveniently at any of the “pitstops” located along the Eastern PCN.

You will see familiar names at the club which means you have another place to dine or another enrichment centre outlet to send your children to. Check out the full directory listing here.

Type Facilities and Tenants
Fitness & Lesiure • Bikes @ Waterway
• EnergyOne
• Manekineko
• Member’s Lounge
• Games Room
• Yoga Inc.
• i Darts LAVA (opens early May)
• Orchid Bowl (opens 5 Jun)
• The Spa by The Ultimate (opening date to be confirmed)
Play & Enrichment • Artary
• BazGym Gymnastics School
• LCentral English
• NurtureStars Preschool
• Splash @ Kidz Amaze
• StepUp Learning & Dance
• Tien Hsia Language School
• Yamaha Music
• Stamford Education (opens 1 Jun)
• Taekwondonomics (opens 1 Jun)
Food & Beverages Issho family restaurant
• Pin Si Superior
• Pizza Hut
• Siam Thai Tuckshop
• Nom La La by Bakerzin
• Jack’s Place (opens 30 Apr)
• Culinary Experience Studio Powered by Bosch (opens May)
• Heavenly Wang (opens early May)
• McDonald’s (opens 15 May)

Where Fun Flows


For the day’s event, we had fun at Artary – a children focused art centre. I loved the clean, arty look of the whole place. It almost felt like one of those hipster cafe with graffiti all over. Smile



We worked on creating simple Van Gogh flowers as it was a parent-and-child session. Everything is prepared adequately and teachers are nearby to guide when needed. Instead of just painting the flowers, the children drew, cut and painted their unique blooms on separate papers. So the artwork became 3-D which is more appealing for younger crowd.





Pizza Hut

A well known pizza hunt – Pizza Hut – conducted hands-on Pizza-Making workshop for the children. First, we took photos for the souvenir-certificate which will be given to each child after the workshop. Thereafter, you ain’t “chef” till you worn the chef hat and apron which the children gamely put on. Lastly, they put on gloves and it’s hands-on-the-deck/dough with spreading of tomato sauce and sprinkling of ingredients!




All the pizzas are marked and child’s name tagged on before they are collected to be baked. This way, there will be no mix-ups and your child will be eating exactly his self-assembled pizza. A goodie bag will be given together with light refreshment (a packet of juice, garlic bread and chicken wings – kids’ portion). Understood that the cost of such workshop is $25 per child.  More details can be found on Pizza Hut website.


Splash @ Kidz Amaze

This is the highlight of the day and deserve a separate post on it’s own. Click this link for a more detailed write up with photos!


If you are in the area or even if you are not, this un-ulu place deserve at least one visit (or more). We will be back! Smile

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Because they are so dear, I learnt to bake them!

With $2.50 a pop, Hokkaido Chiffon Cakes are not exactly a neighbourhood-priced cake. It’s almost bite-sized and dainty enough for my 4 years old to polish 2 at a go. And that’s $5 for 2 pops!

Ermmm…not exactly something I would buy on a daily basis; especially if he decides to eat 5 or 10 a day! *gulp*

But thankfully Xi En is a small eater. He’s unfortunately also a picky one. Thus whenever he took a liking to a particular food, we will try to feed him more of that as a bid to get more food into that underweight frame.

Thus when one of the SMB fellow mom bloggers – Pauline – (incidentally also the founder of Munch Ministry – one of my favorite “likes” on Facebook) organised a baking session for Hokkaido Chiffon Cakes; I jumped at the opportunity to learn it!

I could try making it through one the recipes online but nothing beats having visual aids and practice.

So we gather this weekday and had a great hands-on session together with fellow mom bloggers.

The bake-out place @ Tessensohn Civil Service Club:


The thing I love about cooking classes are: the mistakes can be rectified and also we learnt the little tips not taught in recipes. E.g. ensure no extra oil/water on the bowls we used; otherwise end products will be affected and the eggs are to be beaten to this pale-yellow consistency:


Once again, my bake-out partner – Pamela – trying to conquer the eggs; sure look effortless. :-p


KitchenAid – One amazing kitchen helper which I would love to have in my kitchen one day too! With this aid, we had the egg whites beaten up and the batter combined.


The verdict: It’s really not diffcult to make this. Taste is almost similar to what I bought from the bakery outside; if not better!! My boys at home gobbled down a few; which tasted even better when chilled.

So now to save some $2.50 ++++++++, I hope to be replicating these at home whenever we are in the mood for the fluffy; easy-on-the-waist chiffon cakes. 🙂

Do pop over to Munch Ministry’s website for assortments of tried-and-tested recipes if you are keen to try the above & more!

Thank you once again to Pauline and Munch Ministry for organising this bake-out session! The above event is made possible also because of someone’s birthday: