Style Essence Makeover Workshop + Giveaway

I came to know this interesting community of mummies’ bloggers over the last 1 year. And last week, Singapore Mom Bloggers (SMB) celebrated its’ 1st Birthday in style with Style Essence which conducted a makeover workshop for the mummies of the group. I was happy to steal some time away from the squishy new-born to attend this event.


Style Essence is founded by Florinda Tay who was our well-groomed, humorous trainer for the day. She was an ex-leading flight stewardess with Singapore Airlines and currently a master trainer in Mary Kay.

Rachel (founder of SMB) with Florinda:SE3

I remembered attending similar sessions such as this before. Vanity started in schooling days when a trainer came to school and taught us about colours, how to have the right social etiquette and etc.

It seemed ages since I last attended a beautifying workshop like this one. Flo shared many useful tips from dressing, colors to latest trends, skin care and my favourite – make up!

Through the concise workshop, we also learnt about our body shape (“column” or maybe I should say “clown” shape for my post-delivery body!), what colors works for our skin tones and the choice of clothing style which can enhance your look.


Something quite different in this workshop was the hands on experience with skin care products. This step is not commonly offered elsewhere due to the hassle in logistics.


Skin care is so important but often neglected by most sleep-deprived-overworked-mummies. I am so guilty of it too!

Among the various products I tried, I fell in love with the following 3 products:

1) TimeWise 3-in-1 Cleanser: This is part of their Miracle series. Meant to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, improve skin elasticity, even skin tone and promote soft supple skin. It was evident in some participants’ faces that their faces were more uplifting after the skin care session.

2) Botanical Effects Mask: what caught my attention is the inclusion of luo han guo (also known as the longevity fruit) as one of it’s antioxidant ingredient. Loved the richness and uplifting effect of the creamy mask.

3) Stain Lips Lip Mask: This contains miniature buffing beads that gently exfoliate dead surface skin cells. Very useful for all the built up of lipstick wear and coffee/tea stains. Love the immediate smooth feel after usage.

I am so going to purchase above reasonably-priced products after my current ones ran out!

The last segment was M.A.K.E U.P!

We had lotsa fun experimenting with various colors. Having taken some make up courses before, I really enjoyed putting colors on my face. It’s amazing how make up can totally brighten up one’s face.

Mummies tend to be really busy machines and we forgotten the usefulness of some colors on our faces. My little tips on a quick make up if you only have 5 to 10 mins:

  • use a good 2 way cake foundation with good coverage so that you can do a dry quick application with sponge. You can save the liquid foundation when you can afford time to blend.
  • use a khol eyebrow pencil so it glides on faster
  • use blusher and lipgloss/lipstick no matter what because these 2 will brighten your face immediately
  • use eye colors and mascara if you can afford a bit more time. Eyeliner helps to define the eyes but it’s probably one of the hardest to manage if you don’t have time. I will normally skip eyeliner for quick make ups
  • lastly: know the best looking feature of your face and pay more attention to that feature as it will be the main focus when you add make up colors to it

Of course, I am sans make up at the market, grocery store and on quick errands. Natural is good; but with age – make up helps a lot!

It was a great girly time with all these beautiful mummies!

group photo

Photo credit: Style Essence

If you are keen to attend such a workshop (worth S$150 per session), Style Essence will generously sponsor 3 readers of this blog! Please leave a comment on this post & winning numbers will be randomly picked. Style Essence will contact you if you are one of the winners.

Closing date of giveaway will be on 14th April 2013; 2359hrs.

A BIG thank you to Style Essence for hosting this workshop and Rachel for organising it!

Happy 1st Birthday SMB! “)


Updates (18th April 2013):

Random draw of this giveaway winners are:

1) Eileen Png

2) Irene Cheng

3) Lynnlly

I have provided your email addresses to Style Essence which will be in contact.