Morton’s The Steakhouse Dinner


Recently we had the opportunity to enjoy a nice dinner at Morton’s. I have been to Morton’s bar before, but not The Steakhouse, so was looking forward to it! 🙂 Mum was kind enough to take care of Ethen while we stole out for some couple time. 🙂

Check out the sumptuous dinner we had:


menu The “special” menu that the restaurant prepared for us. Nice touch! 🙂


The interior of the restaurant as below. If you can see the waitress at the background, she is conducting an introductory “spiel” with all the fresh ingredients of the day. Hmm.. it is useful for those who are first timers, though I felt that her spiel became really monotonous after a few rounds! And not to mention the lobster on her tray which is struggling for life – I don’t like to see my food moving!!!!




Super fragrant (and HUGE) onion bread served complimentary. Being a bread lover, I can’t resist this! But after being warned by the waitress that the servings are huge, I held back the temptations to polish off the entire bread! See the before and after photos: I ate the best part – the crispy crust! haha.


onion bread


We choose the Jumbo Lump Crab Cake with Mustard Mayonnaise Sauce for appetizer and a creamed spinach for side dish. The “jumbo” crab cake is nowhere near jumbo; but every mouthful is really “crabful”! Yumz! 🙂 The creamed spinach was a little disappointing though. I have read rave reviews on it, but it appeared a little too “gelat” (creamy) for me. Kim love it though.


Jumbo lump crab cake Jumbo Lump Crab Cake

creamed spinach

Creamed Spinach


The stars of the day: the famous steaks! 

Single Cut Filet MignonMine:  Single Cut Filet Mignon with Béarnaise Sauce

Ribeye Steak Kim’s: Ribeye Steak, USDA Prime


A dinner is never complete without a sweet ending. The hot molten chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream is good though not heavenly in my opinion.

chocolate cake

Molten Chocolate Cake with vanilla ice cream




Service: Friendly and knowledgeable staff. When I made a reservation, the person-in-charge asked if there is a special occasion. That’s how the personalisation on the menu came about! Also, the waitress serving us offered to doggy bag our leftovers even without us asking! She is sweet enough to say: the portions here are huge, don’t be shy – we have tons of takeaway bags. haa..


Ambience: Nice warm lightings, but came across quite a noisy place with birthday songs and many business men talking shop!


Damage: S$320! But after offsetting a complimentary voucher from Kim’s company, we paid only S$20. heee… 🙂


Overall verdict: If you like your steaks chunky and huge, this place will be a good choice. The steaks made very good sandwiches the next day! However, Kim and I prefer the slimmer Kobe beef which we tried in Kobe, Japan before. Slimmer, teppanyaki style! 🙂 Otherwise, this it is quite an overrated place.  Good for a special occasion or when your company foots the bill! 🙂