Invited Review 

First thing first –  if there is nothing you remember after reading this post, just need to remember this:

The beverages here are excellent!

We had 2 of the recommended drinks in the extensive menu. You probably need 10 mouths and 10 afternoons (or more!) to try all the beverages on the menu!

I fell in love with the Cold Lychee Fruit Tea. With the hot and humid weather, it’s a perfect choice. In fact, I ordered another Cold Pomelo Fruit Tea at the end of the meal just because.


Kim had one of the Speciality Dietary Cocktail: Thyme And Grape (comes with unfiltered sake!). How pretty heh!


The same folks behind Arteastiq set up MUSEO (pronounced as ‘MOO-ZAY-O’) which means museum in Italian. Nested in an exquisite niche in Quayside Isle in Sentosa Cove, this is a preferred choice for a special treat or the visiting friends in town or simply for a leisure afternoon/evening. Located next to the bobbing yachts, it’s a relaxing sight while you dine and sip away.

Though marketed as a fine dining place, MUSEO is well-known by now as a place where you can also dress down and stretch your legs out on the cosy day beds provided strategically facing the marina (which is what we did!). 


There are various seating options available. Be it at the chaise lounge chairs or the private dining room or the high bar stools in the (sheltered) alfresco area; there will be a suitable choice for all.






Dining proper: We were treated to a gastronomy adventure.

MUSEO opens its doors in the early afternoon and thus adeptly, it came up with a “Mezzanine” concept menu. Little bites are creatively presented in “Dine-In-A-Cup”. It’s a conspiracy to tease the taste buds I say. A winning conspiracy I think! These little pretty ones won’t fail to impress. You can choose the Mezzanine Signatures which are mainly your local favourites with a twist OR you can customise your own set; which is what we did.

Our choices:

Joys of Life – Smoked Roast Pork Belly served with Hot Sauce (I could eat the fatty belly meat with the crispy roasted portions! In normal circumstances, I won’t waste my calories on the fatty portion. However, it’s probably best to get the less charred portions as some parts can be a tad dry)

Smile of Mona Lisa – Deep Fried Camembert Cheese served with Cranberry Sauce (Kim loved this. But I prefer my cheese in their original state)

Picasso’s Blues – Deep Fried Prawns flavoured with Lavender (This is a winner with a faint tint of lavender and succulent huge prawns)

Three Musicians – Soft Shell Chilli Crab served with Sweet and Savory Tomato-Chilli Sauce (Tough to go wrong with this local favourite sauce minus the hassle of cracking hard shells! We loved this!)


A close up on my favourite “Three Musicians”


We also sampled a Smoked Salmon Fine Asparagus with fresh greens and honey mustard dressing.

Ingredients are fresh and dressing suited to a T – what more to ask for in a salad. Maybe a bigger portion? 😛


Next up are the MAINS (Entrees).

Portions are reasonably sized given that most people might order a Mezzanine set before the main courses.

Kim choose the Grilled NZ Angus Rib Eye of Beef (240gm). It’s served with red wine sauce, baby potatoes, fine beans and grilled tomatoes.  Medium-rare is the best way to savour this piece of meat – melts in the mouth with a few bites. Kim gave this 2 thumbs up!


My choice is the Pan Roasted Cod Fillet. It’s a piece of smooth cod fillet with baked scallop in its shell served with onion relish and mushroom risotto.

The cod is delicately prepared with no strange fishy smell but I found it a little too plain. Perhaps I am inclined towards a bolder taste bud. It did go well after I took it with the mushroom risotto topped with cheese chunks.


For the sweet endings, we choose the Yuzu Gelato and one of the highly recommended signatures – Vodka Chocolate Lava Cake with Vanilla Gelato.

The icy Yuzu Gelato is a welcome reprieve in the afternoon heat but it’s possibly quite ordinary. Honestly I was a little disappointed with the run-of-the-mill taste. Or maybe I should manage my expectations. I meant how much can ice-cream differ store to store.


Thankfully, the dainty Vodka Chocolate Lava Cake did meet our expectations though. This is my must-order in most restaurants.

MUSEO got it right with a faint hint of Vodka filled molten centre which oozes out to make us a little drunk and ended the meal on a high.


MUSEO prides itself on The MUSEO Experience. It emphasizes on the entirety of experience.  With that motto in mind, it also provides an opportunity for “Art Jamming”. As the term implies, customers are provided a canvas, unlimited acrylic paint and brushes to “art jam” away. There is a current promotion where one can paint for free with every $20 spent on dining. Just pay $20 more if you want to bring your master art piece home. It can be therapeutic or stressful depending on what company is with you on that day!


More of their current promotions:


A picturesque view of the marina; a leisurely after/before meal walk down it’s berth – MUSEO is strategically located for a well worthy visit!

Do swing by and hope you will enjoy it as much as I did!

berth 1

Berth 3




31 Ocean Way

#01-22 Quayside Isle

Singapore 098375

Tel: 67348066

Disclaimer: We were invited for a complimentary food tasting session at MUSEO. No monetary compensation is received. All opinions and photos belong to writer of this blog.