All I Rail-ly Want For Christmas @ City Square Mall

Toy Trains –  every boys’ favourite (almost)

Real Trains – my boys’ favourite transportation mode (if Xi En has a choice; he wants to go everywhere on a train!)

Semi-real trains – the next best thing to real trains! Roll in the Chuggington Trainees!

We were invited to the Chuggington Winter Snow Party show held at City Square Mall from 14th Nov to 28th Dec 2014. This promises to be an exciting line-up of live performances, an outdoor carnival and SNOW!

The boys enjoyed the live show with the Chuggington Trainees – Wilson, Brewster and KoKo – and Lorie and Morgan. A great tie-in during the show is the “Green” theme which City Square Mall is known for (an eco-friendly mall). Audience was taught by Lorie and Morgan about recycling correctly as the show progressed.

Meet & Greet with photo opportunities are available at 2pm, 7pm (weekdays except Monday) and 1pm,4pm, 7pm (weekends). More details can be found on City Square Mall website.

The crowd went wild with “snow” falling down during part of the segment. If you are sitting near the “snow machine”, wear a hat or get ready to wear a foamy hat! 😀

Besides the live show and Meet & Greet session, you can look out for the carnival held at the entrance of the mall as well as a Choo-Choo Train ride experience. There is a Christmas Light show and Snow Playtime (8pm & 9pm Daily) if you didn’t get enough of snow! Tickets are on sale nearby if your children fancy a bounce on the bouncy castle or a ride on the Choo Choo City Express ($6 per ride per child).

The activities are endless here! Do come by early to spend $200 (or $250 if inclusive of NTUC Fairprice receipts) and redeem an exclusive Chuggington cushion (3 different ones to collect). If your child is a big fan of the Chuggers, you can’t miss that.

In the spirit of Christmas, do your little bit for charity as well. There is a drop off point for old clothes and gifts at the Salvation Army Christmas Charity Station booth (at B1 Fountain Square). Or donate your excess food at FoodBank (located beside L2 Customer Service Counter).  More details here.

Thanks to the media invite, we had good fun on that weekend evening. In fact, we didn’t had enough and headed back on a weekday for more shopping!

Nugget Tips:

1) Try going on a weekday instead of weekend if you can. The crowd is more manageable. Take advantage of the FREE Lunch Time Parking (12pm to 2pm for the first 1.5 hours on a weekday). You can also redeem a free parking coupon worth $3 with $60 spent.

2) If you are going for the Choo Choo City Express, buy the tickets first and get some family members to wait around as it can be a long queue during weekend peak hours.

3) Bring along extra clothing if your child intend to be soak under the “snow”. 🙂

Have fun everyone! And have yourself a MERRIEST CHRISTMAS!