Home and Decor (Part 2)– 5 useful Home Renovation websites/apps

Following the completion of our key collection and defect checks, we moved on to the real work – the RENOVATION.

We meant to keep things really simple as the new place already have the necessary built-in wardrobes and kitchen cabinets. But having said that, we still want a cosy and efficient place. Compared to a full renovation we did 8 years ago for the old flat, this is considered a minor work. Previously we fully entrusted the job to a random interior designer (I.D.) we met at a design fair. It turned out well….. alright but impractical for the long run. We ended up putting back walls, tearing down a “floating’ dining table and basically making more space for an expanded family of 4 (not counting helper and my mum).

This time, we decided to give the IDs a miss and hired a contractor to execute our ideas in the limited space. And so, that meant researching a lot on our own to finalise the “design” we want.

Sharing some websites/apps here which I found useful for ideas research. I kept it to Singapore sites as I find them more relevant to the local spatial sizes.:

1) Qanvast

This is my favourite because it is “real”! Real renovation done in real places. Of course, photographs are taken at their best but it is by far the most user friendly and useful site in my opinion. I used this a lot mainly because the app is user friendly and the photos are well presented. You can also get free quotes from ID if you want to engage them.


2) Square Rooms

This is also a Singapore site which gives good ideas and what’s trending. It looks good on a full laptop screen.


3) Home and Decor

This is a site which has their own magazine too. Not too unfamiliar. Most of my generation should know their sleek magazines. Their website is well organised with chockfull of interior designed photos.


4) Lookbox Living

Quite similar to Home and Decor. Loads of interior designer photos. Good for inspiration. I like it that you can browse by Type of housing.


5) Facebook

This is by far one of the quickest methods to generate ideas too. Facebook is pretty much part of my life and once I start “liking” a few interior design and vendors’ facebook pages, the clever Facebook predictive advertiser will propose many similar pages.

No particular Facebook page caught my eye; but I did “steal” some ideas off their shared photos. Open-mouthed smile

And so we kinda of researched what we liked. I was really torn on practicality versus the aesthetics. Due to time and finance constraints, we bought a 3 bedroom to fit in the entire family which is quite a stretch in space. I wished for a million design ideas that I so adorned. But the husband kept bringing me back to reality with our very tight space constraints and our “treasure mountain” (a.k.a loads of accumulated junk possessions).

In the end, we did not finalise on any particular genre of design. I like a mix of industrial, Scandinavian and modern look; yet sometimes drifting into the cottage/homely feel. But fundamentally, we prefer a timeless look (save money!). I wished I have a few houses or rooms to design different looks! The husband just want things to be packed in and place to look bright. Simple. Open-mouthed smile Is. Good.

We pieced everything together and the look is … well… a mix of what I mentioned above! haaa… Let’s just say, I ain’t no designer but it is cozy enough to stay in and contain the mess while our children grow up. Smile

Next up – have a peek into the decoration of the kids’ room!

If you are interested, here’s our first post on Home and Decor – Key Collection and Defects Check.

RS 6
“Agar Agar” Door stopper from Supermama. So good you can even eat it on it’s own! Open-mouthed smile

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