I can get bored as a part-time SAHM. Instead of staring at each other, we try to get Xi En to do more engaging activities. At this age, Xi En loves anything new, anything colourful – simply curious.

We got him to do PRINTS! Did this artwork on a hot afternoon when playing at the playground can induce heat stroke. Smile with tongue out

“Ingredients” for PRINTS:

1) Some old newspapers and a large piece of “manjong paper” (basically a white piece of paper):


2) Washable, Non-toxic paints suitable for finger painting. (Can be found at Popular Bookshops or Artfriend). I realised yellow isn’t a good colour. Red, Orange, Pink come out brighter and nicer. Smile


3) Some old blocks/shaped/moulds – we took out Xi En’s old toys. I wanted to use some hard vegetables to cut out the shapes. My mum said those are our dinner! Oh well… these works too. Smile


4) A very excited toddler. shorts off, old T-shirt on. I wanted to use my friend’s idea of tying a plastic-bag-inspired-bib on his neck. Xi En refuses to be part of such innovative dress sense. Smile with tongue out


And da ta! off we go:


We get PRINTS! Smile


Oh wait! That’s not all. My super-amazing mum collected the PRINTS and created these end products with Xi En:




What can I say…. Mum’s the woman! haaa….

Xi En’s PRINTWORK on display behind our TV-console. Smile


Try this on a hot afternoon like me or on a rainy day when you can’t go out. At least 45 mins of printing fun to occupy the energetic toddler. Smile

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