Busy December

A really busy December. Especially when: 

Christmas -25th Dec,

Mum’s birthday – 27th Dec,

Kim’s birthday – 29th Dec,

Dad’s birthday –30th Dec and

Parents-in-law’s wedding anniversary – 1st Jan


A time of celebration, gift giving/receiving and of course – feasting! 😀 Some updates on the big events of December:



Christmas Lights: Took Xi En out for a ride down Orchard Road. Forgotten to bring his pacifier along and was stuck in the big Orchard jam.. He cried half the time there and slept all the way back home. haa.. Nonetheless, it was some nice Christmas lights…all pictures were taken in the car because we really can’t imagine squeezing with the crowd!


christmas lights



Christmas Dinners: We had 2 round of dinners. One with my in-laws’ family and one with my relatives.


We had a nice, cosy dinner at my sis-in-law’s place:



2nd round of C’mas dinner was a BBQ at my 3rd uncle’s new penthouse. Little Xi En was the star of the night (being the youngest in the entire extended family). He was passed from one hand to another…ended up really so sweaty and over hyped up! We had a tough time getting him to sleep that night!  (photos courtesy of my last uncle)

Christmas Service:

We brought Xi En to church for the first time on Christmas day. He “enjoyed” the service except that the noise was probably to loud for him to fall asleep. Nonetheless, it was a good first try. 🙂 Kim “enjoyed” lazing around with Elmo/cookie monster in the nursery as well! haa.. I might be bias, but CHC provides one of the best nursery environment and helpers!




Alrightie.. that’s all the updates for now. Ending off with my favourite picture till date:


Merry Happy New Year

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