In S.T.R.O.L.L the newly revealed 2013 Capella Cony

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Recently, Kai En attended his very first media invite. What a privilege; all thanks to the nice people at Taime – the one who owns “Lucky Baby” (Singapore home-grown brand!).

We were invited to the official soft launch of the 2013 Capella First Smart Travel System – CONY model (S230T) along with it’s new lifestyle print motifs:

Sophisticated & Elegant Fabric Motifs


Do check out Capella Facebook Page for more information and updates.

And so off we go/s.t.r.o.l.l. for test rides!

When we had our first baby boy, we bought the every first stroller for him. Guess what – it’s a CAPELLA CONY too! That was the older model some 4 years back.

As a second time user, we are familiar with its’ key features. At 7.3Kg, it falls under the mid-weight range of strollers, though if you compare it to other brands stroller in that weight range, I would say it’s packed with lots of functionality, comfort and safety; all in.

Highlighting some of the key details of this new model. Let’s start from head to toe:

Full Canopy:

I like this hands/canopy down. When baby is sleeping, there is an option to pull down the entire canopy thus creating privacy and some form of quietness while the little one naps outside.

Another plus point – the material provides 99% UV protection!

Multi Recline:

There are 3 levels of recline and it suits the new-born to the toddler.

Reversible & Adjustable Handle

I am a mummy who feels more secured keeping an eye on my little ones especially when they are really young. It helps that the handle is reversible thus enabling facial interaction when my baby faces me. This is greatly appreciated as babies find faces most recognisable and interesting at a young age. For the older toddlers, it’s also easier to watch over them. However the front wheels does not do a 360 degree swivel; thus using it with the reserved handle do put a test to my navigating skills. Some practice will help; and if you can manage a 3-point turn when you drive a car, it’s the same technique here.

Wider Wheels & 0.3G Shock Absorber

Cue: The wheels on the pram goes round and round, round and round, all through town! This time round, it’s BIGGER & STRONGER! I can testify to it’s enhanced stability and smoothness due to the sturdier wheels. It doesn’t affect me as much but it’s good to know that there is a shock absorber in place to absorb bumps on uneven grounds.

Other little details but oh-so-useful!

One-hand quick-fold: The Cony is specially designed so that the lone mummy who travels by public transport can easily fold and unfold it with just one hand. Very critical point for a stroller I feel. With a baby in one hand and bags in another, you really can do with a fast working machine using just one hand.

Rear and front viewing windows: We can peek at the little ones from 2 angles and look they are safe and sound. A small detail in using magnetic flap closure instead of Velcro works wonder! The velcro in the old model used to startle my boy while he was napping. Now we can lift up the flap without that much of a sound. Great improvement!

Storage: There is a big basket provided at the bottom of the stroller which is helpful but try not to stuff your mountain of grocery shopping bags in there. Overloading there will cause the stroller not to close properly and affect it’s stability. I prefer to buy adhesive tape-hooks to hang items. One great change on this model is the additional pouch at the back of the canopy. Fantastic update here! I can now place some light weight items in there. 

Travel System: There is an integrated adapter to attach the Capella Classic Infant Car Seat if you would like to add it on so that travelling in and out of the car is a breeze. We were given a demonstration of it works.

5-Point Safety Harness: Safety is not compromised here. Though if I have a wish-list I would put this as one of my top wishes to enhance the design of the strap to make it even more user-friendly. Fat fingers like mine did find it a little clumsy fiddling with the strap which need to be slotted in properly before the harness can be fasten.

Overall it’s an ideal choice for a mid-weight stroller. Fuss free and yet packed with a whole lot of functions all with the end users in mind.

It will be made available at major department stores, baby specialty shops and selected online baby sites.

Special Retail Price: S$399 (Usual Price: S$539). 4 colours to choose from: Wine (I picked that!), Blue, Red and Orange.

As part of this campaign with Taime, we are going for SHAPE Stroller Fun Run in July! It’s 2.4m run (no less! *pant pant*).

Do shout and wave if you are running by. We will share more about the running experience after we survived the run!

Disclaimer: We were provided a Capella Cony stroller and will be participating in SHAPE run as part of this review. All opinions remain writer’s own.

2 thoughts on “In S.T.R.O.L.L the newly revealed 2013 Capella Cony

  1. Hi, mummy.. want to ask when will the stroller be available for me to buy? Been to kiddy, metro n bhg but don’t have?
    Is it really good? Really easy when fold and unfold?


    • Hi Suffiana

      This model is not out in the market yet. It’s the latest model for 2013. It should be in the stores only in a few months time. As per all strollers, it’s always advisable to try it out before you buy it. But definitely I love the ease of folding and unfolding it just using one hand. 🙂


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