Fisher-Price Play Ambassador

About a month ago I saw a fellow mom blogger –  Lynn  – posted an entry on Fisher-Price Play Ambassadors. I was intrigued by the idea of being a ” Play Ambassador”. I meant – How nice is it to be an advocate for “PLAY”! 🙂

Ever since Xi En was born, we were quite sure we don’t need our children to be the smartest in the class; we prefer them to have a childhood and enjoy it while it last!

And so I joined in the Fun and submitted the following 2 photos of Kai En and me playing with some Fisher-Price toys we have at home.

I am seldom in photos with my boys because I am normally the one behind the lenses. But thankfully, I gave my Mum some training on how to help us take some photos. Some quick tips for the grandmothers who have to stand in as photographers:

1) Hold your hand as steady as possible or rest your hands on a support e.g. a table/chair

2) Take as many photos as possible (higher probability of one shot coming out well) 🙂

Sorry I digress. Meant to be a quick post to announce that:

We were chosen as one of the 2 Fisher-Price Play Ambassadors!

Totally thrilled with the appointment! Besides Evespiration, the other blogger chosen is Netty from Madebeautifully. Netty is a pretty young mummy who shares about beauty/make up tips & her motherhood journey with her little boy – EJ.

We were invited by Fisher-Price to share about our playtime with our young ones at the recent Live Well Baby Carnival. But it’s a pity I had to miss it due to a prior work commitment at The F1 event happening over the same weekend. Do pop over to Netty’s blog for some post events updates. 🙂

And so.. dear readers, watch this space for more updates on our explorations as Play Ambassadors with Fisher-Price! Come back again to check on Fisher-Price product reviews, giveaways and more!

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