One Year Young!

The littlest man in the family turns ONE year young today! Time files so quickly – just the same day one year back, I was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance to await Eizac’s arrival.

Celebrating his 1 year’s journey in photos below – the best memories are left in the heart and in my opinion –  photos too! Smile

To my dearest little Eizac,

From blubbering to blabbing;

From milk to solids;

From toothless grin to 2 front-teeth smile;

From crawling to cruising;

From sleepy expressions to expressed emotions

From holding on to letting go;

From 3.235kg to 9+kg;

Baby darling, you have grown so quickly!

You are a little miracle child;

No less loved than your brother;

You are very much loved and cherished.

Watching you grow up healthy and happy is the best thing we can ever ask for.

Thank you for the joy, laughter, tears and poo (yes, we love you the whole package)

Keep the sunshine in your smile and the skip in your hop. Smile

We pray that you will continue in good health;

enjoy your childhood and stay a cheerful boy.

We L.O.V.E YOU, Baby Eizac!

Happy ONE year young birthday! Smile

Share with us your thoughts & comments! We love to hear them. :)

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