A Big welcome to Evespiration! Thank you for dropping by!

*Updated as of 19th Nov 2012*

About Evelyn:


I am never a geeky person. Always thought that starting a blog belongs to the technical folks! I shunned technical stuff because it’s Greek to me! But hey, I realised it isn’t just technic in blogging though it helps to be somewhat technical-savvy.

I am not a good writer since young. Barely passed my English papers. But I enjoyed reading and to be exact – speed reading. I skipped lines and words in a novel to get to the end as fast as my eyes & mind allowed so.  Thus, please pardon the often-bad-grammar in this blog.

Things which inspires me: Family and life in general.  A passion for yummy food and a weakness for gorgeous bags  – some little stuff which dot my life with colours.

Personality-wise, I admit to be impatient (well; good and bad depending on the situation), stubborn in my own rights and enjoy a good conversation. I am a self-confessed workaholic too; but family life has dominance over work of course. I thrive in working hard but more often than not, I am in awe of the amazing things God does in my life. A born-again Christian, God was once none; but is now all.

Evelyn’s family:

I am married to the man who loved me the most despite all!

Kim or Edwin as most know him by, is my soul mate and best friend in life. We knew each other since 17 years old; studied in the same college. Got together at 18 years old and was innocently in love. It turned out to be a long journey of love.  True to be said, it wasn’t smooth sailing through such long years of “dating”. It was mixed with pepper and salt through short periods of long distance relationship and many life changes. With seasonings, we were married in year 2006 after 9 years of a marathon love run.  As we both learnt, love is a commitment; not just a feeling. My smarter husband of 6 years is a constant inspiration in my life; one I cannot do without. Smile


Our precious little miracle first-born boy – Ethen Chen Xi En – was born in 2009. This blog was inspired because of my roller-coaster first pregnancy. With the increasing influence of cyberspace, I found it more effective to share my thoughts on an online-diary-of-sort than replying every time someone asked me how I was.

Xi En – as my boy is fondly known as – is my precious baby whose birth story was an amazing miracle from God and one which constantly reminds me that life is not just about chasing the next high. It’s about appreciating what’s on the home ground; those fuzzy stuff close to the heart. He continues to make life inspirational and surprises us with his growing independency and monkey antics.


Currently, I am expecting the 2nd miracle in our lives. Baby Number 2 is on his way at 27th week of gestation. He is another miracle boy; though maybe and hopefully less dramatic than his older brother’s. We are praying for a healthy and most lovable, obedient, wise, easy-to-take-care (the wish list goes on.. haaa..) number 2.

Evelyn hopes to share Evespiration with little nuggets in her life and with a special connection with mummies-to-be struggling with difficult pregnancies. She is contactable at evelyn_neo@hotmail.com .

Share with us your thoughts & comments! We love to hear them. :)

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