Huggies Event @ Polliwogs

Media Invite

About a month back we were invited to attend the Huggies event held at Polliwogs at Vivocity. We (Actually it’s the kids) were thrilled when they saw the indoor playground! It is still a fairly new playground opened under a year and thus the play areas and gears are still well maintained. Who doesn’t like new stuff ya. Smile 

As Xi En wasted no time to dash off into the play zones, Eizac attended the Huggies media event with me at Polliwogs’s designated “party” room. Rahul Asthana, Marketing Director for Baby & Childcare, Kimberly Clark gave us an informative introduction on the in-depth research and new technology which went into the product design for the new Huggies Ultra Pants.

My key takeaway was that Huggies really knew what parents wanted out of a diaper pants. With research done on more than 150 Singaporean babies, they came out with a highly innovative design which I have yet to see it in any other diaper brands in Singapore. I won’t be surprised if other brands are sitting up now and such innovation might be replicated in time to come. In my opinion, the key design feature which differentiates it from other brands is the Easy Open Sides with refastenable Magic Tapes. 

As a mummy of 2, I have tried a fair share of diaper pants and I am just wowed by these Magic Tapes. After Eizac used it for a few weeks, we can testify that it allows easy removal of diapers (especially useful when the babies poop!) and it can be adjusted to provide a customised fit. Gone are the days that I need to tear off the sides of diaper pants to get them off the legs.

The new slim absorbent core technology helps to lock wetness away and prevent “drooping” diapers when they are heavy and wet. Of course, then again, diapers need to be changed no matter how good they are. Huggies Ultra Pants just helped to give more “mileage” out of one piece of diaper. Open-mouthed smile Read my full review on Huggies Ultra Pants here.

We were treated to yummy refreshments hosted by Polliwogs. Tasty finger food, if you want to hold a party there next time. (Didn’t get to take any photos of the food as I was chasing after those 2 boys!!). Eizac joined his brother at the kiddy play area and that gave us a chance to test out the Ultra Pants in motion. It fitted well, lasted long and seemed comfortable even as Eizac raced up and down the play structures. No leakages, no red marks from long wear or abrasion. I am one happy Mummy when such basic stuff are taken care of.

Eizac also had a mini photoshoot at the photo booth. He was the last one to take the shoot as he was getting cranky with his nap time approaching. But the photographer and his team were helpful; did a number of fast takes and we finally got a nice one!

And our 2 minutes of camera time when I took some questions from the Huggies events folks. Eizac was almost ready to yank off the microphone when it came near though! hhahaaa.

It was an enjoyable morning/afternoon out with Huggies at Polliwogs! We had great fun! Thank you Huggies for inviting us! Smile 

p.s: If you haven’t already tried Huggies Ultra Pants, do request for a FREE sample on Huggies website here! It is currently retailing at major supermarkets and baby stores too.

Why Q; NoQ!

What kind of books do you prefer your children to read?

Don’t worry, I am not here to discuss the latest National Library Board removing the “penguin books” saga. Enough said on that topic I think.

I remembered as a first-time Mom, I was at a loss of what books to start my baby on.

I read that black and white books are great – I went to find some. I read that red and white and black books are even better – I scouted some too!

And then through trial and error, I found great collections of books in our National libraries catered towards the babies and junior pre-schoolers!

Honestly, I am quite bias. I select books for my young readers based on first looks, first impression and what I want to expose them to. And also what interest them at that moment of time. It could be “Meow Meow” (for Eizac) or Maps (for Xi En).

Without the luxury of time, I normally have to scan through titles of books as fast as possible while keeping an eye on a restless boy (Xi En) or getting Eizac not to blow loud big bubbles in the library! I only have one goal in mind – dash into library, borrowed suitable books as fast as possible before we get chased out for being too destructive or noisy. My boys just cannot sit still to read. The library is just another huge playground to them!

There are some books which I won’t borrow: namely – boring ones which I think are passé, horror or ghostly ones ‘cos I don’t want to scare myself or them and lastly books on snakes, creepy crawlies, insects or the likes. The last category is because of a personal phobia which I am not prepared to overcome….eekksss…..

For Eizac, I will choose a variety of board books which cover “ABCs”, numbers, patterns, peek-a-boo, shapes etc. I go for the newer ones with the idea that they should be less saliva-cladded!

For Xi En, his reading skills had progressed over time. After his “baby days”, I started on simple stories which he can relate to eg. Elmo and Sesame Street, Cailou, Thomas the train, Spot and etc. Now, he went on to “Readers Series” which comes in “Levels”. He is between Levels 2 to 3 at the moment for most Early Readers books. Some tips on selecting books for your toddlers: Go with titles they might know e.g. TImmy Time, Olivia, Peppa Pig, Ni Hao Kai Lan  and some latest cartoons series such as Doc Mcstuffins and Holly and the Magic Kingdom. With familiar characters surfacing on books, they will be attracted to read and find out more! Those books with a series are attractive to Xi En too. Examples The Berenstain Bears, Curious George, Babar and etc. Chinese ones will be 桃树 (Tao Shu) and the SHAPES series.

Slowly, Xi En started on non-fiction books when he is 4 years old. He ventured into his favourite topic – Maps and then Space, the Universe and could distinguish Jupiter from Neptune. Now he is on volcanoes, bodies and earthquakes.

It is heartening to see Xi En enjoying his books and I hope Eizac follows through too.

If you are not free head to the libraries or your child wants to build a home collection, one good option is to purchase them online! Besides the overseas online bookstores, now we have one on home ground!

NoQ (i.e. No Queue!!) Asia is the e-commerce arm of Times Publishing. With a database of more than 14 million titles, there is something for everyone. There do seem to be a stronger emphasize on children books. You will notice that most of their best sellers are children books. There are so many choices that we had to narrow down to choosing a few of Xi En’s favourite series and some notable best sellers which he has yet to read.

My verdict from using this website is:

  • Books are in affordable price ranges. Selected good discounts for some books. Note that prices are before 7% GST which you will see at checkout. There are periodic promotions which further discounts to apply too. Check online for promo codes before purchases.
  • Useful readers reviews from but troublesome to click on the reviews section as it will populate to another screen. Quite a tedious process to check the reviews in the end.
  • Huge variety; high probability to find your child’s favourite reads.
  • Low spend quantum of S$25 to qualify for free delivery. But my key grouse is that the delivery takes a really long time! It took almost 3 weeks for our books to arrive! So do budget in the time you need the books.

With the closure of many brick and motor bookstores, it is great that Times Publishing turn to setting up an online portal. Honestly, I do miss flipping through books and browsing them before a purchase but an online mode for busy parents is a good alternative. Tip: If you have time to head to the local library occasionally, check out different books first so you can make a quick decision if you want to buy them online. If your last trip to the library is your own schooling days, do drop by – it has changed! Smile You can get a library card made for your baby the day he/she is born!


Currently NoQ is running a promo of 20% discount for 3 days only (valid till Sat 19th July midnight) . Use code GSS2014 at checkout. More details on their website.

If you missed the above, you can use this exclusive promo code to enjoy 15% off all purchases. Just enter “EVESPIRATION” upon check out. Valid from now till 31st August 2014. Go shopping now on !

Happy Reading!

N.B: We were kindly provided with store credits from NoQ Asia for purpose of this review. All other photos and opinions remain my own.

Mummy. Mommy.Mom. Mum. Mother.

I goggled the definition of “Mummy” and this came out from Merriam-Webster  dictionary:

1. a: a body embalmed or treated for burial with preservatives in the manner of the ancient Egyptians.

b: a body unusually well preserved

Eekkss…. Not quite what I am looking for! Maybe I should stop using “Mummy” as a term for “Mother”.

“Mother” is more right.

From the Free A Noun (A Female Parent). An origin (eg. mother of invention). An adjective (Mother love). A Verb (Mothered; mothering).

Not going through an English lesson here. I did badly in that in school.

Mummy or Mum or Ma Ma or Mom is such an endearing term when you are a first-time Mom. Actually even if you are a multi-time Mom, it is always so heart-warming when your baby first utter that sweet word.

I can just melt like an ice-cream when Xi En first called me Mom.

Eizac: He’s really the baby in the house. His first word came a little later than his brother. And no, for the records, it is not Mummy, not Daddy.

You guessed rightly? It is “Kor Kor” (it means “older brother” in our dialect). The bigger brother didn’t think of it as any big deal but “Kor Kor” must be some kind of hero in the little brother’s eyes that he “recognised” him first.

Not in any kind of race game here; but again for records; the next word Eizac uttered when he was around 15th month is “MOMMY”! Yeah! “MUM—–MMMYYYY”! It started with a shy note of “Ma” and then “Mum-mi” and then now….. it is a full blown, loud with gusto “MOMMMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYYYYY”!

And suddenly, coming to 18th month soon, Eizac thinks that endearing term is a punctuation, a conjunction, a verb, an adj; it is anything.

The moment he wakes up: 1st word: Mommy

When he wants milk: Mommy (besides “meh meh” – it means “milk milk”)

When he has a nightmare: Mommy!!!

When he fell down: MOOOOOOMMMMyyy (with tears and mucus)

When he couldn’t find the right puzzle piece: Mommy!

When he saw the plate of fruits on the table (and wanna eat): Mommmmmmmy!

And even when I am not at home or somewhere else in the house; he addresses everyone as “Mommy”. From the helper to his grandmother to his Daddy (Except “Kor Kor” because Xi En is in one special category in his mind I think).

It isn’t that he doesn’t know how to call “Po Po”, “Auntie” or “Daddy”. He knows and says them well too.

It is just that “MOMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYYYYY” seemed to be a plural form for anything and everything. It is a punctuation, a coma and a full-stop.

It is cute somehow sometimes (till he gets clingy). I am not complaining (much).

I am enjoying that stage of “Mommy-in-the-first-place-in-my-heart” stage till it fades off. Smile