Test blog from iphone

It is really tough to blog when you work in a company that doesn’t allow access to all personal websites ( I.e. All personal mailboxes, fb, blogs and etc. ) not that I really wanna blog at work ( no time anyway! ) but just don’t feel like facing laptop again when I reached home.
So..Testing iPhone ‘ s power in blogging..

Baby is always half asleep when I reached home.. Yawn yawn.. I need more than 24hrs in a day!!!

Testing 1 2 3

Just downloaded Windows Live Writer. Oh yeah! Now I can write

Like that or Like that or Like that or Like that or

Like that!!!

and I can  change colours!!

hhaa ..

 it is so amazing!

Sorry.. this is really new to me. Actually blogging is new to me! Given the fact that I am quite a I.T. dummy + really no flair nor interest in tech stuff… this is quite an achievement! 😀


Okie – now life will be more interesting and colourful. Except I can’t use this on my MAC. So got to start getting use to my Windows Vista instead. 🙂


New Blogger

This is it. Out of my boredom/interest – i decided to start this blog. Some might think that I am a really late starter! Blogging is already a yesterday thing! Nonetheless, I have my reservations regarding blogging. Maybe I belong to an older generation or a unique breed of individuals who resist against writing their diary in the cyberspace. Perhaps it is the mistrust of the www that resulted in this late bloomer. But recent events resulted in my final decision to start this blog as an outlet for my eve’s-piration and inspiration. Little things in my life which make me me. 🙂 Enjoy.