Anyone need a saxophonist?

My little boy was born with a half collapsed lung and needed breathing machines to save his life.

But he has come a long long way – strong lungs now! Smile God is good! Smile

Xi En “playing” his saxophone

Xi En & his many entertaining ways

It’s interesting how toddlers grow up. They do those things which are silly but oh-so-cute! Smile 

Xi En never fails to amuse me – especially with his cheeky look!

Some of his moments:

When his Po Po was going overseas, Xi En decided to help out… by packing himself in:


Imitating his Po Po in combing his ermm.. precious little hair. Good effort though! Smile 

comb hair

Running away with a pack of fishball at the supermarket:


Blending in? Contortionist? : 

in the shelf

2nd performing act:

under table

(Actually he was looking for his run-away ball!Smile)

And of course how can he NOT have a dance on the table!

on the table

That’s my boy: Smile 


Saving–from young

From young, I recalled that my mum will bring us to the bank and open a savings account. Small amount as it might seemed; it inculcated a savings behaviour in us – and that money is really not easily earned.

My mum went to get a cow-shaped coin saving box for Xi En from a thrift shop (Xi en was born in Chinese zodiac year of Cow).

We started this saving habit for Xi En when he was around 1 year old. Every time he gets his hands on some coins .. he will throttle to his cow money “box” and stretched for it.

We taught him how to aim and drop the coins in.

Today – Little cow is full and ready to go to the bank! Smile 

It’s a good habit to start savings from young! Smile