Vaby Official Launch & The July Box (Flash Giveaway!)

Media Invite

Following the pre-launch brunch we had with The Vaby Team , we were cordially invited for it’s official launch a few weeks back.

Held at The Playhouse once again, we were treated to an afternoon of playground fun (for the kids), buffet lunch, a mini dress-up baby contest and a lucky draw!



Loved this candid shot by Vaby’s photographer: A light moment with fellow Singpaore Mom Bloggers; clockwise from my left: Wai Wai , Adeline, Winnie and Lynn

Besides the kids having a ball of a good time at The Playhouse outdoors and indoors play arena, there was Mr Bottle who can twist almost anything out of balloons. Xi En asked for a hippo and Mr Bottle kindly obliged!


The photo-fanatic me spent half the time taking photos of the event and standing in front of the Cloudstaprint booth; printing out lovely shots! It’s a great idea to have such a service at a private function so everyone can print out the photos they liked and enjoy live feeds on a private platform. I loved it!


Of course not forgetting the reason for the party:

The July Vaby Box!

As mentioned in the previous review, this is a subscription-type of “samples” box which one can subscribe to for S$18.90 per month and receive 5 to 8 surprise items tailored to the age group of your child from newborn to 5 years old. The current July box is suitable for mums-to-be and newborns. Stay tuned for future boxes which can be customized! If these samples worked well for you, you can check out Vaby website to purchase full sized products.

Some notable items in the July Vaby Box are:

  • GOO.N Diaper (Newborn)
  • Chu Chu Nursing Pad
  • Niruscar Cream (to help in healing of keloids)
  • Naturally Kinder Wet Tissue
  • Nurture Meals
  • Ban Kah Chai Zhui Feng Su Ho Oil

(FLASH) Giveaway Time!

If you are keen to receive the July Box (similar to the one above), The Vaby Team is kindly sponsoring 5 boxes to 5 readers of this blog!

If you are a mom-to-be or a new mommy, these should come in useful. Or if you know anyone who might benefit from this products, feel free to get one for your friend.

Note this is a FLASH Giveaway; i.e. Be the first 5 to complete the steps below and you will be receiving the July Vaby Box!

To participate:

1) “Like” Claude Dambreville on Facebook if you have not already done so. Thank you!

2) “Like “Vaby Enterprise Pte Ltd” on Facebook if you have not already done so. Thank you!

3) Enter a comment on this blog post with the answer to this question: Name one animal which can be found on Vaby’s logo (hint: answer can be found on the photos!). Remember to list down your name and email address so The Vaby Team can be in touch for delivery details.

As simple as that; fastest fingers first! Smile 


N.B: Thank you to The Vaby Team for the kind invitation to it’s official launch and gifting the July Box (which I will be giving to my neighbour who is giving birth real soon!).

Editor’s note: *Giveaway only open for Singapore addresses.*

Vaby–New kid on the block

Va? what? I thought it was somewhat linked to “Barbie” for a moment. Smile with tongue out

It’s Va-by – a new local start-up with a unique selling point in the baby/mummy arena. Vaby was coined out from “Victory” and “Baby”; so I found out after attending the preview launch event at The Playhouse few weeks back.

The first-in-Singapore key proposition that Vaby wants to promote is their Vaby (Surprise) Box. This is a tastefully designed cutesy box with sample-sized items and discount vouchers which will be useful for a “sampling” of products before committing to a full-sized purchase. Their first launch of Vaby box will cater to mums-to-be, new mums and babies for now. The toddlers box will be introduced subsequently. For starters, examples of merchandise which could be included are baby clothing, accessories, diapers, wipes, skincare products, organic food items and many more!

Still not sure what’s the big deal? Think Bellabox and Sample Store. These are fine examples of how sample-sizes “boxes” led the beauty and lifestyle market. Now Vaby is here for the mummies and babes! We sincerely hope that they become successful in Singapore and beyond. We support local start-ups! Smile

There was lotsa of excitement at The Playhouse as mummy bloggers pored over the whole idea and our kiddos ran wild at the play areas. If you haven’t been to the revamped Playhouse (previously known as The Seb Bistro), you should really go by and take a look. There are proper outdoor and indoor (air-conditioned) play areas now and these will easily be a few hours of play time for the young ones. Parents can dine next to the play zones while you keep a look-out at the kiddos.


Here’s a chance to be invited to Vaby’s official launch this coming Sat (28th June 2014) 2-4pm at The Playhouse!

Simply sign up as Vaby’s member on their website at this link and await to see if you will be the lucky ones to be invited and all attendees will receive a Vaby box as a door gift too!

Hope to see you there! Smile

Do watch this space for more updates on upcoming Vaby giveaways!

Official Launch 2


N.B: We were cordially invited to attend the Vaby preview launch at The Playhouse. Treated to a nice brunch and Xi En had a great time! We went home with Vaby boxes of good quality korean clothing (for Baby Eizac too!) and the team kindly provided transport allowance too. Otherwise all other opinions remain writer’s own.

P.S:  One big unwelcome “gift” received was a huge insect bite on the eye lid due to the carelessness of the Mummy who forgotten to spray on mosquito repellent for Xi En. So gentle reminder to put on (liberally) mosquito repellent for yourself and young ones if you are heading there any time. With a backdrop of fauna and flora, it attracts uninvited guests too!


Babies love a rocking motion because it soothes and comforts them. It’s seemed to be a natural movement when one carries a baby in hand. There is a general inclination to rock and pat the little bundle. I often find myself doing so with my own and friends’ babies too!

Some school of thoughts are not so in favor of a rocking motion as they don’t want the baby to get used to it and are worried they won’t settle down without the rocking.

Now that’s where baby products come in handy!

Fisher-Price carries a decent range of baby rockers over the years and they kept on improving the make and cut of these rockers. The nice people at Fisher-Price delivered a Newborn-to-Toddler Portable Rocker (Rainforest Friends Series) to us recently to “test rock” it. 🙂

Sharing 5 key attributes which we liked about this baby gear:

1) Play & Bond

I like it that the seat allows parents to give optimum face time to bond with babies who enjoy face recognition from an infant stage. Hands are also free to tickle the little tummies, coo a lullaby, play peep-a-boo and take some precious photos for memories too!

There is a removable toy bar which entertains the younger ones and can be detached during feeding or play time. You can hang up new toys for a change when baby gets bored (they do; trust me.)

2) Versatile

Though the name is a “rocker”, it can be used as a stationary seat as well. There are 3 levels of easy recline adjustment which allows you to convert it from a rocker to a stationary seat. It is suitable for the newborn to the toddler up to 18kg! Now that’s some mileage in a baby product which many cost-savvy parents look for.

FP 1

Ethen – the big brother – actually enjoys the rocker too! Having a knack for gadgets, he quickly discovered the vibration function and used it as a “mini-massage” arm chair! He never fails to “help” his little brother to turn on the soothing vibration mode too. 😛

3) Portable

You can move the rocker (and the baby of course) everywhere you go. It’s small and handy and thus fit well into the kitchen’s aisle or even a corner in the toilet. Yes, mummies do need to cook or visit the washroom even when there is no other help to watch the baby.  It folds easily such that you can carry it to the grandparents’/nanny’s place or store it when not in use.

4) Washable material

In my opinion, this is such an important attribute of any baby products. Babies and toddlers are messy little ones and it is critical to be able to remove the seat pad for machine or hand wash – just like this Fisher-Price rocker. A tip to share: Line the seat pad with a thin cloth nappy; that will help to prevent heavy soiling even when there are leaking diapers (happened to mine!).

5) Improved design

We bought an older design of a Fisher-Price rocker before this. And in comparison the Rainforest Friends series is ergonomically improved with rounded edges and bars thus enhancing the “rocking” experience and overall is a sleeker feel and look.

Lastly, If you are looking for a rocker such as this, it is advisable to buy it when your baby is a newborn. In that way, baby is accustomed to the seat right from the start and you will definitely get more value out of a longer usage!

This range of FIsher-Price Rocker is already available in major department stores and baby speciality shops. If you are getting it, hope you will have a good time bonding with your little ones in comfort! 🙂


Disclaimer: This post is part of a sponsored review under the Fisher-Price Play Ambassador program. We received the above mentioned product as part of the program. No monetary compensation had been received. Opinions and photos remain blogger’s own.