Week 29 to 30+ : In and out of…. DELIVERY WARD (a.k.a prison cell)

This was probably of one of worst weeks @ KKH for us (that’s beside the first week when I was admitted). 2 Sundays back, I started having abnormal readings on the cardiotocograph machine (commonly known as the CTG machine). Most mums will know that this is the machine which is strapped onto the tummy once you go reached the hospital during labour. I was “ordered” to go to the delivery suite immediately after one of the daily monitoring readings. That’s because baby’s heartbeat showed signs of decelerations and I was having early contractions too. After much haggling with the registrar-on-duty that fateful Sunday night, I relented and was sent to the delivery suite. I was almost left with “no choice” when she called me on my mobile and said “ You have come so far, I don’t want you to lose your baby! I strongly advise you to go to the delivery suite NOW for closer monitoring. You can’t wait for your husband to come either; just go NOW”. That’s was almost 12 midnight; and the urgency in her voice shook my whole being. I managed to grab my pillows and was wheeled hurriedly into the labour/delivery suite. I thought….. that’s it – I’m going to give birth NOW! And baby is still too pre-mature at week 29!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How? How? Why? Why?


To me, the labour ward is a like an ER or a prison cell, depending on how long you were confined in there. It is a super expensive place too (6* price for less than 3* facilities and service!). But the most traumatising factor is probably the CTG MACHINE! Here, you are strapped (or tied) to the CTG machine and monitored 24hrs. You are not supposed to have any toilet breaks and you can’t move too much ‘cos the contact points might be lost. I felt that I like a prisoner, tied with handcuffs and not knowing my sentence! Doctors and midwives come and go – they can only say – “Let’s monitor”. I didn’t know my “fate” then; all I knew is I was stuck to that machine and that small bed for a long long time…. “miserability” at its maximum! 😦


I was given extra strong womb-relaxing medicine to prevent early contractions. Started on iv drips to provide nutrients to baby and hydrate me. I knew the doctors meant well; they want the best management for my situation but sadly to say most of them only took into consideration the “medical aspect” and ignored the “emotional aspect” of the patient. Kim and I were stuck in this small room for almost 3 days before I was “released” to go back to the normal ward (that’s after much pleading with various doctors). By then, I was exhausted to the point of giving up. We didn’t know how often such incidents might happened again (yup..subsequently we were sent back to the labour ward on 2 other separate occasions and “held captive” for 1 to 3 days); We didn’t know how to persevere further. The uncertainty of events were eating us up alive. Kim and mum were so worried I might deliver early and thus kept asking me to eat and eat… for a food lover – I almost hated eating for a moment. But we felt that we were racing against time; I had to eat to help baby gain more weight in the shortest possible time (primitive thinking you might say; but then again, that’s what a layman can do in desperate times like this!). But the weirdest thing is – after 2 weeks of all these “nonsense” – I actually lost more weight than before! Fingers crossed – the food had gone to baby and not me. haa… 🙂


This week, we settled back to a few days of normalcy (FINALLY!). I could finally sleep properly at night and Kim can finally go home for some much needed eye-shut and peace. However, we are still living by the day, by every single CTG readings (2 are scheduled per day; morning and evening). We knew by now that if we “fail” one reading, off we go again to the “cell”. As such, we are not able to receive guests readily as before (thanks to all who want to come by; but it is probably not the best time due to the uncertainty of the situation).


On a happier note, I am glad to announce that come tomorrow, we can start the count down to see baby Ethen! Roughly 3 more weeks to the targeted week to deliver baby (at Week 34+). Thus, we are praying hard. Praying that there will be no more decelerations in baby’s heartbeat, contractions will not come back prematurely, no signs of infections and baby will continue to grow heavier in womb (and for us all to remain sane and maintain a sound mind till then! haaa :)). Please stay with us in prayers for this final lap. 🙂


1 Therefore we also, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, 2 looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.

Hebrews 12: 1-2


finish line

My first experience ….. staying in a hospital


Except the time I was born, I had never been admitted into a hospital. I thought maybe my first experience will be the time I give birth to bb. HOWEVER, this hospital-stay experience came earlier than expected…


I was admitted into Thomson Medical Centre on Wed!


It was one ordeal I never asked for. Updated in my previous entries – I had been experiencing bleeding for 1+ week.  After 3 visits to the gyn and 2 injections; there still aren’t much improvements to my conditions. Tues night became the last straw for me. Cramps and backache and fountain of blood – enough to scare me to ring for help. Gyn already said if there is a next “relapse” – I won’t have a choice but to admit myself into the hospital. I woke up knowing the choice is no longer mine. Called gyn and told her the situation; packed my bags and went straight to the hospital with mum and hubby in tow.


Gyn brought forward the 20th week detailed scan and shortly after she found out the reasons for my discomfort. It is likely to be placental abruption. This is a serious complication during pregnancy where the placenta is detached prematurely from the uterus wall. For more info and illustrations – read here 

The weird thing is that I don’t belong to any of the “risk categories” nor did I had a major impact on my womb. Gyn is also concerned that this condition shouldn’t happened so early in a pregnancy if any at all. Why did it happened to me then?? I asked that question umpteen times too. I didn’t quite have an answer to that. But at least now we know the cause of bleeding and cramps. I was immediately put on dosages of blood-clotting medicine and womb-calming injection. I was classified a C.R.I.B – Compulsory Rest In Bed – as well.



Compulsory Rest In Bed - CRIB


 To me – it was a rather interesting hospital stay. Let’s not talk about all the discomfort and etc. I must say that TMC really impressed me in terms of their staff, facilities and most importantly – FOOD! We asked for a 4 bedded room (I didn’t want to spend too much); but we got a free upgrade to a 2 bedded room instead! The nurses were really “Thomson angels” – as the name nicely suggested. Most of them attending to me are older, auntie-looking nurses. But they really do their job well! Throughout my stay, b’cos I am a CRIB – they kept saying (nicely) – “don’t move; just press the attention bell if you need anything”. They reminded me time and time again not to move an inch. Must say that they make an otherwise unpleasant incident much easier.


Ok – now to my fav section – FOOD! Thank God, I still have an appetite. 🙂 Probably the only thing I look forward to are meal times. They served us 6 meals daily!

haa.. no wonder gyn told me that from the scan, bb is quite chubby! His stomach and weight is slightly above average at this stage! I thought – never mind – I am too troubled to be concerned about dieting in the hospital. Anyway, hospital food is supposed to be healthy right? hee.. that gave me the excuse to eat, eat and eat…..












1) Breakfast – roti prata , banana and milo                          

2) The famous boiled soup (supposed to promote lactation) and milo

3) Lunch – stewed lamb, bread & butter, corn soup, salad and mango dessert

4) Dinner – Chinese menu (veg, stewed chicken, double-boiled soup and fruit)

5) Night snack – slice of fruit cake and milo

6) I forgotten to take a pic of tea time – slice of tuna bread and milo


So.. I was really well-fed! haha.. Never imagined hospital food to be quite yummy! I had mee siam for breakfast the other day too! Thought these hawker-like food aren’t supposed to be healthy?? But then, since they are “hospital-food” – should be fine right? So the above are my “comfort food” throughout my 3 days, 2 nights stay at TMC.


Of course, I had my loving Kim and forever-sacrificial mum for company in the day time. 🙂 Can’t ask for more. 🙂

But it is good to be home now – especially away from a snore-louder-than-anyone-I-know neighbour and away from confinement as a CRIB. 🙂

Gyn continued to advised RIB – Rest In Bed – but at least I have the comfort of my own bed and internet access! haha…

Continue to pray that bb stays healthy and grows towards full term. 🙂

New Arrival… soon

Ok…Finally decided that it is the right time to “make this public”. Actually most colleagues, some friends and family already knew about this. Some suspected, some asked.

Yes! I am 12+ weeks pregnant!!!! Yahoo! 🙂 Believed this is one of the best things that ever happened to us. 🙂 Many eventful events happened during these last 12+ weeks. Just to share with those who missed it:

Week 0+ to 1: Home-test pregnancy kit is vague. Not sure if there are 2 lines or 1 line… Butterflies in stomach..wondering if this might be “it”! 

Week 2 to 3: Went to work in the morning, discovered spotting at noon. Went to GP near office. GP was closed for lunch. Stood outside and stared anxiously at the nurses having lunch. Finally shutter opened. Pregnancy test confirmed PREGNANT! One big fat red cross on the kit; can’t be wrong!!

But GP said go to gynae ‘cos spotting not ceasing. Gave me a letter of referral; wrote the wrong name on it. Ran back to GP to change the name. Sianz -what else do I need at this time?

Saw gynae; she said too early to tell anything-just a little dot now. Gave 1 week MC, go home and rest, she said.

Week 4 to 5: Yes! The “little dot” became a bigger patch!! Gynae say – yes you are pregnant! Should be about 4 to 5 weeks. Spotting ceased. You can go back to work but be careful.

Cravings? chicken rice.

Week 6 to 7: Saw heartbeat of foetus! Flashing really fast on the screen. Gynae’s machine can’t produce sound though. But confirmed baby is pretty much alive! Praise God!

Cravings? savoury food. subway sandwiches. Ham and cheese for breakfast.

Week 8: Spotting came back on Sun. I was alone at home. Called Kim anxiously and he rushed back. Went to hospital and had another scan. This machine produces sound! Heard baby’s heartbeat!  strong and loud. PTL! Gynae said need to rest and rest. 1+ week MC.

Cravings? not much ‘cos nausea sets in. Can’t eat much. Started vomiting. Realized can’t eat deli meat and processed food anymore. Decided not to eat ham or hotdog – fav food though. 😦 Dry biscuits helped a little.

Week 9 to 10: Mutual agreement with company to take sabbatical leave for 1 month.

Saw gynae again and she said all good. spotting stopped. Can see baby’s form for the first time. God is good.

Came down with terrible tummy ache. Painful pulling pain in stomach. Saw GP who was careful in dishing out medicine for preggy me. 🙂

Cravings? Nasi Lemak with chilli and fish curry. Still nausea, indigestion and vomiting away.

Week 11 to 12: Tummy ache got better. Still vomiting like a merlion. Saw gynae 3 times within span of 3 days. baby was developing well on one scan. The next night, started bleeding like a fountain in the middle of the night. Scared the wits and faith out of me. Called gynae. She assessed the situation over the phone and said rest in bed and don’t move at all. Let’s scan tomorrow. Call her again if it is fresh red blood. I prayed I don’t need to call her again in the night.

Lasted a sleepless night and woke up to find bleeding has subsided. Thank God. Went for NT scan and the other doc said you bled a lot; but not overly sure why and where.

Nothing much anyone could do. Got a jab and medicine already. Bed rest was ordered. Strictly no moving around for the next 2 weeks ‘cos blood clots are still in the womb.

Now mum and Kim are “serving” me well. I feel like a patient; but a princess patient. 🙂 Telling baby every day and night to stay strong. 🙂 Believing God is good. Reminding myself to stay happy and positive.

Stay tuned for more updates. 🙂

P.S: please keep baby and I in prayers. Much needed now. Mum reminded me to pray to “my God” too!! haa.. 🙂

a little dot became a bigger patch - first few signs of pregnancy!!
a little dot became a bigger patch – first few signs of pregnancy!!
Baby at 12 weeks scan. Can see head, body, hands and legs! Amazing!!
Baby at 12 weeks scan. Can see the head, body, hands and legs! Amazing!!